Red Flags episode 15



I woke up very early the next morning, took my bath, and made sure to put on a diaper because I am now having heavy flows that I could not use a sanitary pad again. I made sure to wear three boxers so my dress won’t get a stain. I wore a floral Bubu dress and did light makeup. I looked at myself in the mirror after being done and I also burst into tears because I felt pity for myself. Despite the blood, I was wasting every day, wasn’t I suppose to become lean? No, Instead I keep getting fat every day and my curves are showing beautifully, my breast became fuller and firm that you will think I did breast surgery. No day passes by that people don’t compliment my body and curves. How I wish people know the pain behind this beautiful face. I would have been happy when they complimented me if I don’t have to bleed every day or wear diapers to avoid getting myself disgraced. A lot of males keep flocking around me and I know they are only amazed at my body that’s why they wanted me as their girlfriend or wife but am sure they will take to their races immediately they come to know what’s under that beautiful face and curves so I didn’t give any of them a chance. I heave a sigh of relief and said to myself ” suck it up Anisha, everything is gonna be better”. I took my handbag which was sitting on my bed and head out. I got into my car and headed to the nearest police station.

I got to the police station and met some police officers at the counters. All eyes were on me immediately I got inside. The female polices were admiring me with jealousy while the male ones had their jaw dropped looking at how breathtaking I was. I greeted them all and a masculine man who I guess was in his early forties came out and attended to me which I later got to know was their DPO. He asked me what I came for and I told him I needed to arrest a man who stole my money and ran away with it referring to Bode since the law doesn’t believe in Juju so I rather come up with a lie which was half true because Bode does steal my money but never ran away with it.

He told me to follow him to his office so we can talk better and I tagged along with him as we headed to his office. He told me to have my sit immediately we got into his beautiful office and I thanked him as I sat down. He asked how sure I was about the man that stole my money and did I have any evidence to prove that what am saying is right. Fortunately, I remember I had a time when Bode was caught on my CCTV camera coming out of my office while stocking some wads of nairas into his pocket and I remember I downloaded it on my phone to show him then. I quickly brought out my phone and handed it to him and he looked at me and nodded his head that this is enough to arrest him. The DPO’s eyes were on me all the while and I could see how he keeps stuttering at every word he says to me and I smiled because who sees a beautiful thing and doesn’t admire and appreciate it.

He told me to be rest assured that they will make sure to collect my money back from Bode. He asked me a few things which he jotted down before he made a call through his telecom and three officers came in immediately. They saluted him and he told them they will be the ones to escort me to Bode house and get him arrested. I thanked him and took my leave with the officers as we headed to Bode house in my car while the remaining two officers tagged along in the police van. On our way, I made sure to give the three officers two hundred thousand nairas to share among them and I can see how happy they were and ready to follow my orders. We got to Bode place, I parked my car in front of his house and alighted from my car with the officers. One of the officers knocked on his gate and thankfully, he opened the gate and came out half-naked wearing only his boxer. He was so surprised to see me and three uniform men. I eyed him as one of the officers said:” Are you the one bearing Bode?”.

“Yes…yes…I am ” he replied stammering.

” Mr. Man, you are under arrest for stealing, threatening, and running away with Miss Anisha’s money. It will be better you don’t say anything because it will be used against you in the court” said the second officer.

Bode looked at me and said:” Anisha, why would you arrest me knowing too well all these allegations are not true. I know you are pained about our breakup but you were the one who broke up with me so why all the fuss? Don’t tell me ……I didn’t allow him to finish his sentence as I gave him a deafening slap to the surprise of him and the police officers.

“Will you shut your mouth up you this stinky d**k, you threatened me that I was going to regret ever breaking up with you and I am already seeing the results of your Juju. Until you untie me from where you tied me, you will rot in jail for the main time ” I told him angrily.

” Anisha, God knows all I said that day was just a mere mouth and I didn’t mean any of them. I know we broke up but I still love you as a friend and I never wish anything bad to happen to you because you have once fed me, clothe me, and given me money so why would I wish you bad or use Juju on you? Please don’t do this to me ” he said pitifully.

” Officers! What are you still doing? Please do your work and arrest this stupid man ” I said angrily and the officers whisked Bode into their van while he keeps begging me. I know deep down Bode might be saying the truth but I need someone to vent my aggression on for all the blood I am wasting and Bode seems to be the perfect victim.

I entered into my car with the officer that followed me while the two were in the van with Bode as we all headed to the police station. We got to the police station and Bode was locked up in the cell. I made sure to whisper into his ears before he was taken into the cell that he should untie me from wherever he tied me because have been bleeding nonstop since that day and I could see how surprised he was at my revelation. He told me he didn’t know anything about it and I told him am not taking that for an answer.

I went into the DPO office to thank him after Bode was locked up. He offered me refreshment as he assured me that Bode is going to return all my money he stole. He kept talking to me about random stuff and I could see he wanted to say something. I said to myself that” I might as well helped his ministry since I got to know he was still single because I don’t date married men” so I gave him my phone number as I bid him goodbye and I could see happiness written all over his face.

Since that day, he kept calling me every day and night as we talked and talked. Bode was released after spending three weeks in the cell after I made sure he paid me one million nairas at least if he wasn’t the one behind my predicament, I might as well collect all the money I gave him and the one he stole himself.

Ladipo (DPO) and I started dating shortly after Bode was released but I made sure to keep my boundaries about having sex with him. I told him on the first day he asked me to be his girlfriend that I am an advocate for marriage before sex and he agreed to respect my decision and how I wish he knew that wasn’t the case.

Ladipo was so down on earth, he looks cold outside due to the nature of his job, but actually warm and kind-hearted inside. He tried his best to protect me in any way but he also had these flashing red flags which is ” The controlling type “. He always wanted to be the one to always have the say, he tells me which dress to wear and not to, he tells me who to talk to and not to talk to and so on. But right now, I might as well ignore the red flags and settle down with anyone because time is not by my side again even though I had a baby face that you would think I am still in my twenties not knowing I am now in my thirties.

After four months of dating Ladipo and enduring his freak-controlling ego, I noticed he was going to pop up the “Will you marry me ?” very soon because he was already given me different signs and signals. I decided it would be better I go for the deliverance Bimpe told me before my wedding day since I had perfectly made sure to keep my bleeding virginal away from Ladipo and it would be a disaster if he later found out on our wedding night.

I called Bimpe when I was in my office, we exchanged pleasantries for a while and I told am coming to Lagos to meet her pastor for the deliverance because I am more than ready now. Bimpe was so happy to hear me say that not until she spoils my mood and said:” Anisha, assuming you have said what you said now a week ago it would have been better but my pastor just traveled out of the country for a missionary.

“What! I am done for ” I said with a sad tone. When is he going to be back? I asked her.

” He should be back in two months or early ” Bimpe told me.

” What do I do Bimpe?” Ladipo might have proposed to me before that time and he already gave me a hint that he would wed me two weeks after he proposed to me because he doesn’t believe in prolonging the wedding for months after proposing.

“We will have to keep praying he doesn’t propose till my pastor is back. Anisha, this is what have been talking to you about but you didn’t listen now see what it resulted too. Let just pray my pastor comes back on time and doesn’t extend his stay ” Bimpe told me and assured me that everything will be alright when he sees how sad I was on phone. I ended the call after we spoke for a while and call it a day.

I started praying to God from that day that he should help me delay Ladipo mind for the main time about proposing to me till Bimpe’s pastor is back and I guess he answered my prayer not knowing the devil never stop until he finds a chance to destroy you and since I wasn’t the praying type person like that, I guess it was easy for him.

Ladipo and I were chilling in his house watching a movie when the next scene shows two couples kissing each other. We both looked at each other at the same time and before we knew it we were all over each other rolling and kissing like hungry wolves until something I never expected happened.

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