Red Flags episode 10



I never knew trouble was lurking around waiting for the best opportunity to strike until one day when Gabriel came back from work. I was in the kitchen preparing my husband’s favorite dishes for him when I heard his car drive in and that was very unusual of him because he wasn’t supposed to be back from work at that time. I left all I was doing after turning off the gas to welcome him.

I walked quickly to the door entrance waiting for him to come in so I can embrace him as usual with smiles written all over my face but he was taking too long to come in. “Maybe he is sorting something out in his car or receiving calls from his colleagues at work because he wasn’t supposed to be back by now,” I told myself waiting for him. After what seems like an hour, he came in but his face was gloomy. He greeted me briefly as he handed me his briefcase and there wasn’t the normal kisses I always received from him because he went upstairs immediately.

“What’s wrong with him? I asked myself. Maybe one of his favorite patients died again ” I told myself as I drop his briefcase on his study table. I went into the kitchen to hasten up my cooking so I can serve him on time. Within thirty minutes, I was done with all the dishes and I quickly set them on the dining table. I went upstairs to our matrimonial bedroom to call my husband to come and have his dinner.

“Sweetheart, your food is ready,” I said sweetly as I opened the door but he was already on the bed with his back turned to the entrance so I couldn’t see his face. I smiled at myself and walked towards the bed to wake him up when he suddenly turned and I was shocked to see his eyes red shot as tears spilled down his face. I quickly walked towards the bed and kneel in front of him as I asked him ” Baby, what’s wrong? Why are you crying? Please talk to me, honey? I asked him as tears were already forming in my eyes because that’s the first time I will ever see my husband cry.

He sits upright on the bed and said:” When are we going to have our own child Anisha? I am the only child of my mother and I have thought I was going to bear more than one child immediately I got married but our fourth anniversary is on the way and no child to call for. My colleagues who got married after me had already given birth to two to three children and here we are waiting till God’s time. Anisha, do you know I have always wanted to have a child of my own at the age of nineteen but I thought against it because I didn’t want to have my child out of wedlock and I didn’t want to deprive them of what I was deprived when I was little so I decided to work hard so I can give all my children the whole world. I got married now and there wasn’t a child to call me ‘Daddy’ ” he said and break down in tears.

” Babe, please don’t cry again. I am also pained as you because you know I was the only child my mom gave birth too so I have always wanted to give my mom a lot of grandchildren when I get married. I know God is going to answer our prayers at the right time” I told him and wiped the tears streaming down my face with my palm.

“When is the right time Anisha? Is it when I get old with grey hairs? Am almost 40 for goodness sake. I think am starting to regret ever getting married in the first place “He said raising his voice a little bit at me.

” Excuse me, Enough of that Gabriel. What are you trying to insinuate? That you regretted marrying me or what? ” I asked him because I was already losing my control. I stood up on my feet and said ” Stop talking as if you are the only victim here because we both are and I… He cut me short and said ” There’s nothing like both here, Anisha. I am the victim here because you met me a virgin while I didn’t met you a virgin. Who knows if you have had an abort….. I didn’t let him finish his sentence as I dish him a hot slap.

” Don’t you dare say that to me again? I smiled through my tears and said:” So you can now rub it on my face because you didn’t meet as a virgin? Have you forgotten what you told me on our honeymoon? That I was so tight that I would be mistakenly taken as a virgin if not that I didn’t bleed. You disappointed me today Gabriel and I don’t think I can ever forgive you. After my previous relationship with my boyfriend who raped me and took my virginity away, I never had sex with anybody after that which I told you, and here you are talking about one stupid virginity. How am I going to know you are even a virgin and wasn’t even lying to me all this while? ” I asked him angrily.

He gave me a look of ‘ What do you mean ‘ and I said ” Yes, how do I want to know you ain’t lying you a Virgin. Show me evidence to believe you because your pr**ck didn’t come with a cover for me to know you are a virgin and you even slept with me on our honeymoon like someone who had an experience of sex before. Who knows if you had already raped someone in your past relationships and the lady laid a curse on you that you will never give birth to your own child. We are told we are medically okay from four different hospitals and your work of place making it five. Who knows if you had already bribe those doctors conducting the tests considering you are a doctor too ” I lashed at him as I wiped my tears before they streamed down my face.

” So stop acting like the victim here because who knows if your mom was even the one behind all this,” I said and he called my name angrily as he stood up and raised his hand at me.

” You want to beat me? I moved closer to him and held his shirt. Beat me na? You will know what am capable of when the devil consumed me. Beat me ” I asked him shaking him vigorously. He slowly lower his hand and said ” Be grateful I wasn’t raised to beat a woman, I would have turned your face to blue and black for accusing my mother like that.

” Accusing your mother, you say? Is this not the same woman who doesn’t love me until they called the whole family member on her. God save you that you didn’t touch me with that hand of yours because I would have easily shown you that am not the type of person to mess with. I would have torn my face with a razor blade then post it on all social media that a whole neurosurgeon was performing a quack surgery on his wife with a razor blade and let’s see how you are still going to use your doctor license to work ” I told him as I held his shirt tightly.

” I didn’t beat you after all so can you let go of my shirt, ” He asked me trying to control his anger.

” What if I didn’t let go of it? I asked him angrily.

“Anisha, let go of my shirt. Don’t push me to the wall because if I turned my face at you, you won’t like it? He told me angrily.

” Wouldn’t like what? Is it the one you have showed me how a woman beater you are or are you just unleashing them? You this stupid man. I regretted ever marrying you ” I told him and held his shirt more tightly.

” Don’t let the devil use you, this woman ” he told me.

” The devil had already used me the moment you uttered that stupid sentence of me having an abortion in the first place and I am going to show you the worse I can do when the devil used me,” I said and bite his hand while he screamed in pain.

He tried to remove his hand from my mouth but I was adamant about leaving a permanent mark on his hand as I tightened my teeth in his hand. He was screaming so hard that he had no option than to shove me away so I can release his hand from my teeth. I fell and hit my head on the edge of the bed and collapsed. I can hear Gabriel calling my name panicky before everything went black.


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