Red Apple

“Red Apple”
–By Elton Nana Amoah

Episode One – “Unforgettable Past”

“When am I ready to date? I asked my mother.
“Get your own car and house, then you can come and talk to me about dating” She answered. As much as she was making sense, I gathered that, my father got her pregnant during her high school days. They were both young and it was obvious that they were living under the care of their parents, so I wondered why she kept telling me that.

Well, there was this girl in my life, everyone knew about her though, Emefa was her name. We actually grew up together, the same school, the same neighborhood and even the same church. There was no way that I would tell you about my childhood days without mentioning Emefa. She was part of my past and virtually part of me.
People thought she was my sister and believe you me; I started believing in that even though I knew we were never related in any way.

Now, this is the problem. I can’t seem to be in a relationship with anyone, because, I always put Emefa first. Oh sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Selorm and I guess that’s all you need to know about me for now. That wass just by the way, where was I anyway…

Talking about being in relationship, I don’t know if I actually have feelings for Emefa or something. I have never felt like kissing her or even touching her. I just feel comfortable around her. We talk to each other every day, there is nothing going on her life that I don’t even know about.
I’m the first and last person she talks to when she wakes up and goes to sleep respectively. I knew her inside out and excuse me to say I even knew her favorite underwear. That was how close she was to me.

Our closeness could be related to that of lovers as well as family. You probably might think that we were some sought of friends with benefits. Yeah you are right, we both benefitted from each others comfort, time, and everything else apart from sex.
Even before Emefa would get close to me, I could tell her presence from a distance…I can go on and on. Well, I had my own car now, my own house, with a lovely daughter whom I named her after Emefa. My wife was currently away with the kids at my mother’s place.
I should have been missing my wife now but the thought of Emefa was all over my mind. I missed her; I miss missed the moments we shared together. How long has it been, just a year but even though she wasn’t here at the moment, I could still feel her presence.

Hmm, I kept asking myself, Why I’m still thinking about her even after I got married? Was it that she and I were meant to be or something? I remember there was this occasion that she came to my end. Both our parents were at work so we had the house to ourselves.
We decided to do an experiment on Titi, my pet. It was a dog though, we ended up giving Titi an alcoholic wine, after some few minutes, all Titi could do was just ran around the house barking at anything it’s saw. We were just soo scared that we stayed indoors till Titi fell into a deep sleep.

Today is 14th February, a very special day, a valentine day which doubled as Emefa’s birthday. The more I thought of her absence the more I drunk wine just to take away the memories. Just last night, when I was making love to my wife, I found myself thinking of her again. Was I that stupid or something?
I just couldn’t take it anymore, today was her birthday, I needed to see her, I needed to tell her how much I missed her, I needed to tell her how much I wish she was with me. As tipsy as I was, I got into my car and drove off in haste.

Strangely enough, I didn’t know if it was the alcohol or something, I could feel her presence even as I was driving, I could smell her perfume all over.
I began driving fast, not even observing any traffic rules, I just drove my way through. Driving close to 50km per hour. It began raining and the road became very slippery. Thank God I had safely arrived already. There she was and here I stood, standing right beside her Epitaph in this cemetery, with my body soaked in this rain.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I stood beside her tomb. How could she have left me like that? She was healthy, strong and ever since she died, there has never been a single day in my life that I have been happy.
I needed her back, I needed her. Even after a year, I still couldn’t accept that she was dead. I knelt down, and touched the tomb. “I miss you Emefa” I said.
“I’m sure she misses you too” Someone said right behind me. I turned around only to find this gorgeous looking lady holding a wreath.

To Be Continued

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