Red Apple season 2 episode 1

Red Apple
season 2

Season II – Episode One – “Emefa Wholali”

My name is Emefa Wholali. I didn’t have the chance to tell my story but this was how life was before they forced me into my grave.
Born into a middle income family, I didn’t lack anything.

Basically, everything I wanted was at my disposal. The only child of my parents so you can imagine the love they had for me.

Friends were something that my parents never entertained but notwithstanding this, they knew of this particular guy in my life. A guy they were all comfortable with.

Probably, it was because the guys parents were also close friends of my parents. Selorm was his name. He was the only guy I actually knew from infancy. We practically did everything together. We went to church and school together and even played together.

You know how it feels, growing up with a guy whom you are not related to in anyway. Selorm was my everything.

Now, though we were not intimate, there were times that I felt I was in love with him. I didn’t know if he actually felt that too but I never saw myself admitting it.

Maybe I thought that would ruin the friendship we had built from infancy.
Selorm knew how possessive I could be and that would not have helped if we had have dated.

So basically there was that part of me that I couldn’t tell anyone, whether for an advice or anything. I just had to keep everything in my diary.

I decided to move on and get hooked up with some other guy but somewhere along the line Selorm got jealous. I had to stay away from the guy just to see him happy. But how long was this going to continue?
I had an idea.

Back in the tertiary school, I got to know of Ruth who eventually became my roommate.

Well she was just like me, people even said we looked alike so we just blended in and never had any difficulty in becoming friends.

Ruth got to know of Selorm and somehow she told me he was crushing on him. Initially, I didn’t want to give in or help her get hooked up with him as she expected but then I felt that was the only way to shadow up my feelings since Selorm never told me how he also felt.

I then gave his number to her and then they began texting each other. Even with this, Selorm and I were just inseparable. I had a feeling he put me first even before Ruth. There were even times that Selorm would ditch Ruth on a date just because he wanted to be with me.

I knew Selorm liked her but what existed between myself and him was just unbreakable. Ruth noticed and as human as she was, she wasn’t happy about it. She started acting strange and distant.

I had to confront her but surprisingly she just brushed me off with the excuse that I’m meddling with her private affairs. She even went further to tell me to stay away from her guy.
She referred to Selorm as her guy already. Yes, I was trying to hook them up but I didn’t know they had already began dating. But even if they were, I expected Selorm to tell me. But then again, how could I have given Selorm such a girl, I had never seen this side of her and there and then, i knew I had to stop Selorm from going any further with her right from that moment.
Selorm would break down if she hurt him.

I knew my Selorm very well and I know how emotional he could be.
I quickly dashed to Selorm’s place just to find out what was really going on between the two of them.

That was how everything changed, Selorm broke my heart. I had never felt so much hurt like that ever in my life. I came to warn Selorm about the kind of lady he was going out with only for him to tell me that he was making plans to get married to her.

I just couldn’t believe it. I was so hurt. That was the moment I realized I should have told Selorm how I felt. Even with this, I couldn’t believe that Selorm would take such a decision without informing me.

Though I was hurt by that, the worst was to see him get married to someone else. Right from then I knew I was so much in love with him.
Selorm knew how hurt I was when I ran out of his room in tears. He tried catching up with me but I was far away beyond his reach.

I was so depressed that I had no option than to go back home. Just as I opened the door to our room when i got home, I saw Ruth passionately kissing this guy.

To be Continued.”

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