Red Apple episode 5

“Red Apple”
-By Elton Nana Amoah

Episode Five (5) – “Shallow Conflict”

That freaked me out, what did she mean by that? “If she was really mine”, what was she trying to insinuate. It got me thinking, before I could ask why she made that statement, my wife joined in.

“Baby what’s going on here? My wife inquired.

“Apparently, your friend here was having a bad moment” I answered. There wasn’t much to tell. As far as I remember, we all got to bed without any fuss.

Eugene a very good friend of mine, he was actually my best man on my wedding day. I got to know him not long ago though but you know how we guys are, we bond quickly. He came by that morning as he normally did during weekends. Personally I thought it was wise that he got himself a wife as he was even older than me.

Maybe I should hook him up with Mary or something. Well I will agree that I don’t really know Mary but hey, it was worth a try. It wasn’t like she had a ring on her finger or something. Even if she was dating, it wouldn’t change anything. I also go by this saying that “You’re single until you get married”. Well that’s me.

So Eugene and I had a moment. My wife and daughter were not around, I was left with Eugene and Mary, who was by then stuck in the guest room. Eugene had already noticed when he arrived early on and throughout our conversation I noticed he was interested in finding out who Mary really was.

That seemed cool to me because my agenda was to get them hooked up and with the way things were going, I was so sure that I was in for an easy job. (For more stories Download “Tales of Elton” App on Google Play or visit.

“How come your wife never told you about her, was she overseas or what?” Eugene asked.

“And how come you keep talking about her since you came here, are you interested in her or what?” I asked him. The smile across his face when I asked him that question was enough for me to know that he already liked her.

So I had a plan. I excused myself, went to knock on Mary’s door and asked her to serve us some wine. I knew what I was doing, and I knew it was definitely going to work. I then joined Eugene and patiently waited for Mary to return with the wine.

Just after some couple of minutes, she came in with the wine. Now it was time for me to move on to the next plan. I intentionally pretended that I had a call so I excused them and went to my room. Then secretly I began to eavesdrop on them.

To my surprise, it didn’t go as expected, something weird was going on. I could hardly hear them but I noticed that tempers were high. How it happened, I really had no idea.

“Oh yeah, you think I don’t know you, I hate you Eugene, you are evil!” Mary shouted out.

This was getting out of hand so I went in to settle it and to at least get to know what was really the problem between them.

“Mary, why are you talking to my friend like that?” I asked her.

“You call this a friend! you have no idea Selorm. You have no idea. Excuse me.” She said angrily and just walked out on me and went to the guest room.

I was just stunned and surprised by her actions. “What just happened here Eugene” I asked.

Eugene on the other hand too was just looking upset. “Why ask me, What did you tell her about me” Eugene asked.

“Nothing, she was just supposed to bring wine, would you tell me what’s going on” I desperately asked.

“Never mind, I have to go. See you” Eugene said and also walked out on me despite my effort to stop him.

I was just lost, I had no idea of what just happened. Just then, the wall clock fell off from its holder to the ground, damaging it completely. It scared the hell out of me. The clock had been on the wall since I moved into the house and it was hung so firmly. The clock was actually a gift from Eugene on my wedding day.

I went closer to it and then suddenly I began to smell the perfume of Emefa all over again. It was so strong. Before I knew it, Mary was standing behind me. I never saw the guest room door open, neither did I see her come out of the room. There was no way I couldn’t have seen her if she really came out of the room. I quickly jumped aside as she stood behind me in tears.

To be continued.

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