Red Apple episode 4

Red Apple”
-By Elton Nana Amoah

Episode Four (4) – “If she was mine”

Though she was seated, she appeared to be very rigid and motionless. What was she doing here at this time; she was supposed to be in guest room. I went closer to her, touched by the shoulder; her body was so cold like a lifeless being. Then I noticed in her eyes that she was crying.

“Hey, what are you doing here, crying? I asked. She looked at me, straight into the eyes, it was obvious she had a lot of things to say to me but something was holding her back. Then, finally, she stood up right in front of me, still looking straight into my eyes.

“Selorm, I miss you so much” She said.

How was that possible, we just meet some few hours ago and already you are missing me? It doesn’t make sense. I thought I didn’t hear right and for that matter I needed her assurance on what she just said.

“Excuse me? I asked sounding really surprised.

“Emefa, I really miss her” She said.

That was how smart she was to quickly make it seem like she was talking about Emefa.

“You know, she will call this late just to encourage me, I told her my problems and she always knew the right things to say. She even knew what I wanted to hear.” She said.

Yeah, she is right, Emefa had this special gift of encouraging people. I always thought she would grow up to become a motivational speaker but she never lived to see that come to pass. She made me remember that side of her.

“Yeah, we all do miss her, but I really have to catch some sleep now” I said.

“You are right, see you in the morning” She said and began to walk away to the guest room. On a second thought, I thought this was the best moment to get to know her.

“Ermm, Its surprising that you are spending the night under my roof, but I don’t even know your name” I asked.

She smiled and walked towards, as if by looking into her eyes, her name was going to pop up like that.

“Your wife didn’t tell you? She asked

“I don’t think I would be asking you if she did” I said.

“Sorry, anyway, I’m Mary.” She said.

Mary? How weird, I wasn’t expecting her name to be Mary, she looked more or less like a Felicia or Cynthia and perhaps Naomi or Rita. Those are the names that are associated with daring ladies like her. Anyway, names don’t really depict someone’s attitude or character though.
“You named your daughter after her, right? She asked. That was a smart way to get my attention off the “knowing me, knowing you” segment.

I just nodded, I didn’t want to get too personal with her.

“I see, you know it would have been good if she was really yours” She said.

That freaked me out, what did she mean by that? “If she was really mine”, what was she trying to insinuate. It got me thinking, before I could ask her why she made that statement, my wife joined in.

To be continued.

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