Pregnant for my boss episode 7

Pregnant for my Boss
Episode 7

The next morning after Charles woke up from the bed and brushed his teeth, He waited patiently for the ladies to also wake up, He was about to take one of the biggest decisions of his life.

He felt restless through out the night, while he slept, he had already told two women in the same house, same day that he loved them, When he slept at night, he felt that this was a big stone and all it needed was to be pushed away.

Veronica on the other hand couldn’t sleep at night, she cried throughout the night, because it was obvious that she was used; and Charles would never forgive her for lying before they got married, she’s didn’t know what came over her, she felt that letting Charles handle her fathers money would make him not to be bothered of having a child, but she was wrong.

She should have told him from the onset, she blamed herself all through the night, and she was ready to be okay with any decision Charles took. The night was a long night, and it took for ever for morning to reach.

Sandra as well couldn’t sleep at night, as She overheard Charles telling Veronica that he also loved her. That son of devil. I’m been fooled all this time. Sandra muttered in her bedroom, what will become of her when Charles finally abandons her, A single mother, she had already sworn not to give out her baby to Veronica to take Care of.

It was a tough decision for her, but that was what has to be done. The night was a long night, as the three people waited in their different bedroom for the morning, non of them could get a proper sleep. When it was already morning, they took their bath, and brushed their tooth.

Charles had already called the ladies to come to the sitting room, Veronica was in the kitchen preparing breakfast when Charles called. The two ladies came to the sitting room and sat down waiting to hear what Charles had to say.

This is a tough decision for me to make. Charles said and paused. He looked at Sandra and looked at Veronica. He saw that fire burning in their eyes, and he was very mindful of the words coming out of his mouth.

This is really a tough decision for me to make. Charles said again, Sandra I’m really sorry for what I have put you through. I know asking you to abórt our baby was really unwise, foolish of me and uncaring. I was just scared, I didn’t want to hurt my wife. Charles said.

Veronica was seated calmly to hear what Charles had to say. I’m sorry that I led you on, But I had given it a proper and thorough thought through the night, I would be responsible for the upkeep and care of our child, but I can not marry you, I’m sorry, but I’m already happily married and I really still love Veronica, I can not destroy what we have. I’m sorry. Charles said.

Tears dropped down Sandra’s eye, at that moment she couldn’t figure out if it was tears of loosing the one man she truly loved, or was it tears that she was finally going to be free from the prison she had been in, for the past couple of days.

Charles turned to Veronica, My dear wife, I’m deeply sorry for hurting you, I didn’t know what came over me, I thought I wanted more, I thought I wanted more, when you are the more I ever needed. Charles said looking deeply into Veronica’s eye.

But I lied, Veronica said. I lied too. Charles replied. We all lied. I’m sorry for lying. Veronica said. Tears dropped down Veronica’s eye.

Sandra, I’m sorry but you would be staying with your friend Lucy in your apartment before I finally rent an apartment for you. We wouldn’t want any more dramas than we already had. Charles said. I will be coming time to time to check up on you and the baby. Charles said. When the baby is born, he is ever welcomed to this house, since the child is also family. Charles added

Sandra, felt betrayed, She was played just as she had imagined. After the whole conversation and family drama. Sandra was taken to her apartment, where she stayed with a friend and roommate Lucy for a couple of months before Charles rented another apartment for her.

After everything that had happened, Charles went to meet his father in-law together with his wife Veronica. When he got to the house of the in-law. I heard everything that happened between you and my daughter. Chief Williams said. And I’m proud of you; the way you handled it, and I apologize for my daughter lying to you and I thank you for accepting her back. Chief Williams said.

After the meeting with the father, Charles went into his car and drove his wife to the house. Charles was happy that he hadn’t loose what he spent years working for.

Couple of months later sandra gave birth to a baby boy, Charles and Veronica went to visit her.

As a single lady, for you to continue dating a married man, because he promised you that he would divorce his wife, You are at your own risk. A man can tell you anything to get under your skirt, A man knows why he married his wife, as an outsider or side chick, It will take the grace of God for you to break what ever the man has going on with his wife.

Dear single ladies, don’t be UNWISE.
The End

A JM Konet Original Story.

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