Pregnant for my boss episode 5

Pregnant for my Boss
Episode 5

Immediately Veronica made mention of k!lling Sandra, Charles became really weak, he had to sit down on the bed helplessly. We are not k!llers, we can’t possibly k!ll her. Charles said as he regain a little strength to talk.

Why can’t we k!ll her? so that you can continue your sexcapade with her? Do you really actually love me as you claimed? Or you were just here for the money. Like hundred of thousands of other men. Did you? Veronica asked as she immediately turned to Charles to notice his reaction.

Charles was speechless at that point, He gently stood up from the bed, and went to the bedroom and took a shower. After he was done showering, he tied his white towel and went back to the bedroom.

He left the bedroom after putting on his night pyjamas. He didn’t say a word to Veronica. By that time, he was already recovering from his drunk self.

Charles went into Sandra’s bedroom. Sandra was sitting helplessly on the bed. She was crying. Charles knocked on her door and entered.

Have you been crying? Charles asked her as he tried to clean up her tears from her eyes with a tissue paper he took from the table beside the bed, don’t touch me you mønster. Sandra said with a shaky voice. You know I didn’t mean for any of this to happen? Charles said. This time his eye was a bit clear, and he has started regaining from his drunk self.

Have you been drinking? Sandra asked as his breath came close to her when he opened his mouth and spoke. A little. Charles replied. He had already taken his bath, but forgot to brush his teeth, he still had that bad breath from too much drink. You know I really didn’t want any of this to happen. Charles said again. You allowed your wife cage me here like a prisoner and you are here saying you didn’t want any of this to happen? Sandra said.

When Charles and Sandra had started dating, It felt like something beautiful, Even though it was a secret relationship, Sandra felt safe with Charles, She didn’t realized she had falling this deeply for Charles. Charles would always tell her that he was working on the divorce papers with his lawyer. But everything felt like a lie now. Sandra felt played.

She had to keep the relationship as a secret, she had regrets now, she didn’t even tell her roommate about her affairs with her boss, she was ashamed of herself now. Who would come to her rescue, Sandra felt the world crumbing upon her.

One time when Sandra was really on Charles neck, disturbing him when he would file for the divorce, because she wanted to know if she was wasting her time with Charles, But Charles told her that she meant something special to him, and was working on it.

When they went to the hotel where they usually meet, Charles met one of his friend, that was what he told Sandra, he told her that the guy was his friend and he introduced Sandra to the guy as his wife to be. At that point Sandra felt really special.

But was that all planned? Was she been used? Many thoughts were running through the mind of Sandra. She at some point concluded that she was played like a piece of game by Charles.

They had gone to series of vacations together like normal couples, Charles had always told her how he doesn’t feel anything for the wife again, that he just felt pity on her, that’s why he was still with her, he told her that if he was done with the building project he had in hand. That was when he would divorce his wife.

For over a year since they had been dating, he kept Charles as a mystery man from her friend Lucy, because that was how Charles wanted it to be, Even when the friend notice the glow of love all over Sandra, Sandra still never said a word, even when she wanted to tell her friend all the sweet things Charles does for her. She never did, because she loved Charles.

When It became clear to her that this was just a game to him, that he was just playing her, was when she went to the office two days ago to tell Charles the good news, so she thought; The good news that she was pregnant, and Charles had the mind to open his mouth to tell her to abórt the baby, he didn’t even cared to think about it. And she didn’t see It coming.

He told her to abórt the baby without thinking about it, she felt used, which was why even without thinking, she decided to go tell Charle’s wife, Veronica that she was pregnant for the husband. At first she didn’t Care to know how charle’s wife would feel, because she felt hurt. She had to do something. Charles didn’t care to know whether she would d!e during the abørtion. He threw the money at her in the office as if she was a prostitute.

It was when she told Veronica that she was pregnant for the husband, that she realized that she shouldn’t have, Did she go to far? she thought to her self, but she had already told her, there was no reverse, If it was in her power, she would have reverse the statement. When she made that statement, she knew within her that she had broke down Veronica.

Did you ever love? Sandra asked Charles why he was in the bedroom alone with her. Did I really meant something to you? Was I a joke to you? Sandra asked Charles. Charles brought down his head. Sandra used her Hand to bring his head back up.

There was tears in Sandra’s eye, Charles look at me, Did you ever loved me? Sandra asked again. Yes, I do. I Love you, I have always loved you. I’m sorry for all i have put you through. Charles said. There was some seconds of silence in the room when Charles replied Sandra. They two kept staring at each other for some minutes, before Charles finally brought his head close and kissed sandra.

As he was kissing Sandra, Veronica opened the door to the bedroom where they were, and saw two of them kissing.


A JM Konet Original Story.

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