Pregnant for my boss episode 4

Pregnant for my Boss
Episode 4
When Veronica went to Sandra’s house, she met her roommate who was also a promising young lady, Lucy was also a beautiful lady, she lived in a safe contained apartment. She was tall and light skinned, slim, she was wearing her bum short when she heard a knock on the door.

Immediately she opened the door, she met Veronica outside, mind if I come in. Veronica said. I don’t know you. Lucy said still standing at the door leaving it slightly opened. And you would know me if you let me in. Veronica said.
Lucy waited for a couple of minutes thinking, before she finally let Veronica in.

They properly exchanged greetings and Lucy offered Veronica a seat to sit down. Immediately Veronica entered the room, she saw the room decorated and Sandra’s framed picture was mounted on the wall with Lucy own too. Lucy sat wanting to hear what Veronica had to say. Won’t you offer me a drink or something? Veronica asked her.

What would you want to drink? Lucy asked. Water is okay. Veronica replied. Lucy brought a glass of chilled water almost immediately. I supposed Miss Sandra obidike is your friend and roommate. Veronica said after drinking a little of the water. Yes. and you are? Lucy asked.

Veronica Williams, Wife to Charles William’s of Charles Williams Firm. Veronica said. Mam, Sandra works for your husband. Lucy said. Exactly. Veronica replied. Did you know where Sandra went to yesterday evening? Veronica asked her. She said she had this urgent meeting with your husband her boss that needs urgent attention. Lucy said. Is that all she told you? Veronica asked. Yes. Lucy nodded to Yes.

Do you know that your roommate is pregnant for my husband? Veronica asked Lucy looking deep into her eye. She never told me. Lucy replied. That means she isn’t your friend really. Your roommate has been having affairs with my husband at my back, she used my inability to give birth, she has been sleeping with my husband. Tears dropped from Veronica eye. All we did was to offer her a job. Is it a crime to offer a jobless person a job now? Veronica asked Lucy.

And she had the nerves to come to my house, to tell my husband to marry her, And of course my husband has agreed to marry her. But I would want you to do me a favor. Veronica paused. Where does Sandra’s parent stay? She asked. Her parents are late, they d!ed after she graduated from the university in a car accident. She said she has an aunty, but never goes to visit her. So its been me and her. And i’m sorry for the pains she caused you. Lucy said.

Veronica removed a cheque from her purse and gave to Lucy, This is a cheque of 5million naira, on the account that, incase anyone ask of the where about of Sandra, you will tell the person that Sandra went to visit her aunty in another city. Veronica said. But why will I do that? You just said she is staying with you. Lucy said.

I want that to be a little secret between us. What would you do, when a stranger comes to break your home? Veronica asked Lucy. I will try to fight. Lucy replied. Lucy, You are the only friend Veronica has right? Veronica asked. Yes. I guess. Lucy replied.

I’m a good person that’s why I have come to tell you that your roommate is with me and doing greatly okay, She will come back, but not here, to her Aunty’s house apparently.

After much talk and negotiation between the two ladies. Lucy finally accepted to go on with Veronica’s plan. Veronica dropped the cheque on the table, stood up and smiled at Lucy. Nice decor you have here. She said as left the house.

Again Charles went to work but couldn’t concentrate, why would Sandra come to his house? Even if she doesn’t want to abรธrt the child in womb, she should have waited for him to come up with a plan; he thought to himself. Recently charles became a regular customer of the beer parlour. He really wanted to figure out what was in his wife mind. Was she angry? Is she going to chase him away?

All his life would be a waste, starting from zero again, Starting from the scratch. He couldn’t even think about it. After having a few drink. He decided to go home later at night just to ask his wife few questions, and he was mindful of the questions he asked.

When he got home, he went straight to their bedroom, Veronica just finished taking her bath, She was seated next to the big mirror in their bedroom, with only towel covering her body, she was gently rubbing cream all over her body.

What if her family comes looking for her? Charles asked still been a bit drunk. No one would come for her, she is an orphan. Everything has been sorted Out. Veronica said Still rubbing oil cream on her body. What if she reports to the police after she gives birth, and we let her go, telling them we forcefully took her baby or something. Charles asked. But its your baby too. Veronica said. But what if. Charles said.

That is why we would k!ll her after she gives birth. Veronica said smiling peacefully at the mirror. Cold shudder went down the drunk self of Charles immediately Veronica said that.


A JM Konet Original Story.

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