Pregnant for my boss episode 3

Pregnant for my Boss
Episode 3
Sandra was shocked as she didn’t expect those words from her boss’s wife. How could she even come up with that idea. Charles had to tell his wife to meet him in the bed room. As he also wasn’t expecting his wife to come up with the idea of buying another woman’s child.

Veronica what was that for? Charles asked Veronica his wife immediately she came to the bedroom. What do you mean? Veronica asked him. You want to buy another woman’s child? Charles asked her surprised. But the baby is also your child. Your blood. That is what you have always wanted. Veronica told Charles.

I wanted a baby from you my wife, Not from another woman, I want our family to be the perfect family. Charles said trying to hold Veronica. We are perfect. Charles, I just can’t go through the Pain of child birth. Veronica said. And I have suggested IVF(vitro fertilization) for you. Charles replied. And I suggested another alternative like adoption. Veronica replied. You know I don’t want an adopted baby. I want a baby from you. My wife. Charles replied. I don’t think i can love an adopted baby. Why don’t you want a baby, our own baby from your womb? A flesh of your flesh. Charles asked Veronica confused.

Years before Charles got married to Veronica, their relationship was so perfect, they met during their youth service year. Veronica was the only child and daughter of her Parents. She was Veronica Williams. Chief Williams was one of the wealthiest man in the city, and all he ever wished for was for the man who would marry his daughter, be willing to take up his last name Williams. And that was when Charles came in, without thinking twice he agreed on marrying and took the last name of chief Williams. Veronica’s mother was late. So chief Williams treated her only daughter like an egg.

When he was dating Veronica, and she would always tell him how she doesn’t want to give birth, that she couldn’t stand it. He thought it was a phase and she was going to pass that phase eventually when they get married, but she didn’t.

Charles was one of those prodigal son’s who left home at an early age and never looked back to return back, His father was a very hard and strict man on him, and Charles took it as maltreatment, at some point he realized that he was an adopted child. It broke him Down real bad. That was after his parent Gave birth to another baby.

When he had the opportunity to go to another city with his friend when he just in SSS2, he found the courage and left home, he didn’t say a word to his parents and it been 15years, he don’t know if his parents were still alive or death. When he met Veronica in the camp he thought be would be able to love someone again, he had already imagined a beautiful love story with her, but it seems the reverse was the case.

What if she doesn’t accept? Have you thought of how she would take the whole thing? Who would even want to sell their baby? Charles asked Veronica restlessly. Leave that to me, let’s go back to the living room. Veronica said. and they both went back to the living room.

Charles really didn’t buy the idea of asking Sandra to sell their baby to them, Was Veronica going to love the baby? the baby isn’t her blood, how is she going to do it, wait Is she going to k!ll the baby after the birth just to break me down? Was this all sort of an evil agreement? There were many thoughts running through Charles mind, he didn’t want the child to suffer or maltreated the way his parents did to him, but he couldn’t do nor say anything, he was scared of starting afresh, leaving all he built with Veronica, where will he start from if Veronica eventually sent him parking, so he had to play along.

Sandra was still sitting in the parlor waiting for them, So the deal is that you would stay with us till you give birth. Veronica told Sandra immediately she came to the living room and sat down. What if I don’t accept your offer? Sandra asked immediately.

Then why did you come to my house? Why did you come to tell me that you were pregnant? For my husband to marry you? Like marry you? Veronica thundered. I I just thought that you should know. Sandra said.

And now, I know and we have taken our decision. Veronica said. Right baby? Veronica said and smiled holding Charles hand. Charles nodded to yes. Maybe this is really a bad idea me coming here in the first place. I would just take my leave. Sandra said. She didn’t even take her bath in the house, she quickly went into the bedroom she slept the previous night, changed into her dress, took her bag and headed to the front door.

But immediately she was opening the front door, the guard outside the door, brought her back to the living room. I want to go home. Sandra said. You came to me to tell me you were pregnant for my husband and I accepted you. And now I appreciate you coming to me, 10 million for you to have the baby for me under my roof, my watch. And after having the baby, you walk away like nothing ever happened. And this isn’t me pleading, you either take the offer or leave it; but you are having the baby under my roof. Veronica said as she switched from a smiling to a serious face.

Sandra became really scared and was looking at Charles who couldn’t do anything to help, what has she gotten herself into she thought to herself, she reached out to her phone to call her roommate Lucy after she entered back the bedroom given to her to sleep in the house. Veronica entered the room just as she was about to make call. I’m sorry, you won’t be needing any mobile phone till after your delivery. Veronica said and collected her mobile phone.

Later that day, Veronica went to Sandra’s apartment and paid her roommate Lucy off, in request that in case any one ask of the whereabout of Sandra; she should always tell them that Sandra left to meet one of her aunty in another city a day ago.

A JM Konet Original Story.

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