Pregnant for my boss bonus episode

Pregnant for my Boss
Bonus Episode

When Charles made it clear to Sandra that he can’t marry her; it broke Sandra down, but at the time Sandra hasn’t realized that everything Charles owned, It was gotten from Veronica.

Veronica was kind enough to allow Charles take Care of the baby with her money, A house was built for Sandra within a month she went back to her formal apartment. Her roommate Lucy told her that Veronica came to visit, and she blamed her for not telling her that she had a relationship with her Boss.

I thought we shared everything, I thought we were friends. Lucy said to Sandra. I just couldn’t, it was as if My boss used a spell on me, he told me not to tell anyone. Sandra replied. But we shared our deepest secret together. I feel like I’m no longer among your world. Lucy said; but Sandra apologized.

Few months later, Charles was greatly troubled, the whole family drama made him remembered his family. He never talked about his family with Veronica, He had always told her that his parents were late, that was why he doesn’t want to talk about them.

But the truth of the matter was that, who so ever that trained you, automatically become the parent you never had. Even as Charles father was very hard at Charles when he was still very young, Charles decided to go back to his family house to visit his family in the village, its been more than 15years since he last saw his family, Charles still remembered his family house.

When he got to the house, he saw his father, looking old already, his father quickly recognized him. He was sitting outside the big mango tree in the compound when Charles drove in with his car.

His father struggled to stand up to make sure it was him, Charles. His father called. We didn’t hear from you again, We thought you were dรฉad, You never say a word. The father said with a shaky voice.

I’m here now. Charles said, Immediately his mother came out, and saw him. Charles. His mother screamed his name with excitement and shock.

Just like the prodigal son, They welcomed him. Charles followed his parents into the living room, His mother went to the kitchen to get food for Charles. In couple of minutes, his mother came back with a plate of semo and Egusi soup.

Everything in the house looked different, Everywhere was refurnished, Fully designed and new paints, his parents must have done a really great work in the house in his absence.

He saw his childhood pictures on the wall in the house, he saw the family picture they took together with his little brother Benjamin.

His parents watched him eat. After he was done eating and washing his hands. Why did you leave without looking back? the father asked as the mother took the plates to the kitchen.

You were too hard on me. Charles said. Charles you were stubborn when you were still a young, I cant say for now, but then You never listen, So you left all this years because I was hard on you,? the father asked. Charles shook his head to No. Then why did you leavem the father asked. This time the mother has come to join the conversation.

I overhead the day I left, talking about adopting me. I felt that you were hard on me because I was adopted and you were very soft with my little brother, and that is why I’m here to know who my real parents are. Charles said..

You heard us talking about adopting you? the father asked, and Charles nodded to yes. The father took a deep thought. I remember that day the you pissed me off real bad, And I was regretting that it should have been you that I adopted rather than your kid brother Benjamin, Your kid brother was everything you weren’t, and he still takes good care of us and send us allowance. Charles father said.

Look at everything you see here today, every single designs, frames. Your brother did singlehandedly, Even though we have already too him that story of his adoption. He still takes us like his parents.

Your kid brother parent died when he was an infant, and I was the only friend his parents knew and they begged me to adopt him, You were just 2years when we adopted him. you were still a baby. Charles father said.

Charles sighed, I’m sorry. Charles said after he had taken some minutes to reflect. Where is my brother now? Charles asked his parents. He is outside the country. The mother said. I’m sorry for breaking your hearts, I was ignorant and was still a child; but i know better now. Charles said.

Its alright now, at least you have come to your senses and we thank God that you are doing well for yourself. The mother said.

The talked and catched up for some minutes, Later Charles went to his car and brought down the stuff he had bought for his parents from the booth, Bag of rice, Yams, Beans, semo and many other stuffs.

He had amazing Time with his parents, he collected their phone number after the have catch up, and also collected his little brother phone number.

After spending some days in the village, Charles returned back to the city. Couple of months later, As he was in the office, he received a call from Lucy, Sandra roommate that Sandra was in Labour. He went to the hospital where Sandra was admitted and at the end of the day, Sandra gave birth successfully. She gave birth to a baby boy.

Charles never went against his promise, he took good care of Sandra and the baby, but lived with Veronica Happily Ever after as the CEO of Charles Williams Firm.

The end
A JM Konet Original Story.

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