One Date Night With Anna

One Date with Anna


Kayode Odusanya

© Kayode Odusanya

Frank was seated on the black leather couch closest to the door in his living room, staring at the big screen TV on the white painted wall in front of him. This was the first time ever he would be doing something of this nature, and he was quite nervous. His close friend, Wale had told him the girl wasn’t on social media, so he didn’t even know how she looked. But he had assured Frank that she was someone he would like.

Ever since he ended his last relationship two years ago, because of infidelity on the part of his ex, he had stayed single. He was a tall and good looking guy with an athletic build in his late twenties. He kept a well-trimmed beard at all times, and girls threw themselves at him, but he always found a way to avoid them at all cost. Burying himself in work helped with loneliness, but right now, he was ready to mix with the opposite s*x again. He just didn’t want any commitments. Her name was Anna, and her fee for the night was going to be 20,000 Naira.

His phone buzzed on the glass table in front of him, and he took a deep breath. He had already spoken to her once earlier, so he had her number stored. He picked up his silver colored phone, looked at the screen for a few seconds, and then answered the call. “Hello.”
“Hi. Umm…I’m outside your house.” A sweet sounding voice said on the other end of the line.
“Oh! Okay. I’ll be right out.” The line went dead and Frank got off the couch, put his phone in his jeans pocket, and adjusted the collar of the black polo top he had on. He headed to the restroom, grabbed the bottle of Listerine mouthwash on the sink, uncapped it, and took a little of the blue liquid in his mouth. He gargled it in his mouth, as he opened the tap, and splashed water on his face. He spat out the content in his mouth, and let the tap run for a few seconds to flush it down the drain, and then walked out of the rest room.

He took a quick look at his living room one last time to make sure everything was in the right place before heading out. His living room exit was pretty close to the gate the building he lived in, and he could hear her pacing back and forth just outside the big black gate. When he got off his elevated veranda, and started walking towards the gate, he heard her talking on the phone. She was letting someone know she had gotten to the house. The person on the other end of the line had said something to make her laugh, and when she heard his footsteps approaching; she let the person know she had to go.
“Hi.” She said with a smile when he opened the gate. Her dressing was official; grey sleeveless linen gown, with a small black handbag hanging from her right shoulder.
“Hello. Come in.” He said, and stepped aside for her to walk into the compound. She was tall, slim, and brown skinned; that much he knew already from what his friend had told him, but he never expected her to be so pretty.
The building he lived in was at the end of a dead-end street, and the car she had come in was still backing out of the cul-de-sac. He had his eyes on the white Camry for a few seconds before shutting the gate.
“Your area is quite quiet.” She said with a smile on her face.
“Yeah; it’s always like this during the week.” He said, as he led the way to his apartment. “Weekends are a lot livelier.”
As he walked her to the door, he wondered why she didn’t ask if he really was the one she had been speaking to on the phone. It seemed like she had seen him before. Then he realized that even though he had no idea how she looked prior to a couple of seconds ago, Wale must have shown her his pictures.

Just before entering his apartment, he looked back and saw her going through her handbag. He had a few seconds to check her out unaware. She was quite neatly dressed, and her black weave looked quite expensive. Another thing that caught his eye was the silver watch she had on. It was a Cartier watch; Frank, being a watch fanatic, could tell it wasn’t cheap. She was nothing like what he had expected. He liked that.

A smile appeared on her face when she looked up and caught him staring. He caught a whiff of her sweet smelling cologne when she walked passed him to get into his apartment. Her shoes made a click-clacking sound as she walked into the tiled living room; a different sound from what it made on the concrete floor, outside.
“You live alone?” She asked as she stood still, looking around the living room.
“Yes I do.”
“Nice apartment.”
“Thanks.” Franks said as he shut the door behind them. “You can take a seat.” He said and waved her over to the couch facing the window. She walked over, sat by the end of the couch, and turned to the side, so she could look straight at the TV. It was on Nat Geo Wild, showing a pride of Lions resting in the sun in open woodland. “So…what would you like to watch?” He said as he walked to the center table and picked up the DSTV remote control.
“Umm…You can live it at this. This is one of my favorite channels anyway.”
“Oh. Okay. That’s cool.” He said, and slowly dropped the remote back on the glass table. He didn’t know why, but for some reason, he had thought she would request for the Big Brother Nigeria channel. “I’ll be right back.”
“Okay.” She said and relaxed on the couch.
Frank walked over to a door behind the couch she was sitting on. It led to his bedroom. He didn’t plan on bringing her into the room just yet, but they would still end up in it at the end of the night, and he wanted to make sure the place was in order. He flicked on the lights by the wall. The room had powder blue painted walls, with a neatly made bed. The sheets and the headboard matched the color of the walls. There was a big screen TV on the wall opposite the bed, and a reading table and chair a few feet to left of that by the window. He scanned the room for anything that would seem out of place, and when he was satisfied, closed the door and walked back to join her in the living room.

“Do you want anything to eat?” He asked, and made her turn her head around to see where he was talking from.
“Umm… maybe later. But can I please get a glass of water?”
“Sure.” He said and walked over to the door next to his room door, which led to the kitchen. Inside, he pulled out a bottle of water from the fridge, shut the fridge door and was walking out of the kitchen but stopped and turned back around. He walked back into the kitchen, placed the bottle of water on the kitchen counter, pulled out a glass cup from cabinet by the sink, and opened the tap to wash it as he thought of his next move.

“So…” He started to say as he walked back to join her. “I had asked what you wanted to eat earlier, because I was thinking of ordering some food.”
“Yeah, I don’t really cook. And I know you might get hungry later on.” He said as he placed the water and cup on the glass stool beside her.
She sat up and looked into space for a few seconds before saying, “Umm…but do you have anything I can cook in your kitchen?”
“Well, yeah I guess…I think I have the essentials; rice, beans, yam, pasta, eggs…and meat and chicken in the fridge.”
“That’s great. I’ll cook something later.”
“Okay.” He said and sat at the other end of the couch she was on. She had taken off her shoes, and placed it neatly by her side. Her legs were stretched out, and he couldn’t help but admire how smooth her skin was. She got him staring and smiled as she drank from the glass of water.
“Umm…do you have anything I can change into?” She said as she placed the glass cup on the stool.
“I should…”
“Like maybe a tee shirt and shorts.”
“Okay. That’ll be no problem.” He got up and was about to head over to the room before stopping and saying, “You can come with me and change in the room.”
“Okay.” She said as she got off the couch and headed in his direction. “I think I would like to take a shower too.” She said as she walked into the room with him.
“Okay.” He said and walked over to the wardrobe. After going through his neatly folded clothes for a few seconds, he pulled out a grey t shirt, and blue shorts. “The heater in the bathroom is working, in case you prefer to bathe with hot water.” He said as he walked over and handed the shorts and t shirt to her.
“I’m okay with cold water.” She said and examined the clothes in her hand for a few seconds before placing them on the bed. Her hand went to her back, and when she was having problems unzipping her blouse, she asked for help. He walked over and slowly unzipped the blouse.
“Thanks.” She said in a low voice.
“You’re welcome.”
“Wait. Please, can you stay in the room with me?” She said when Frank was walking out the room. “I’m kind of scared of being in a room alone.” She added with a smile on her face.
“Okay. No problem.” He said and went and sat on the other end of the bed from where she was. She slowly got out of her gown, placed it on the bed, and walked into the bathroom in her white bra and panties.

Frank had one leg on the floor and the other on the bed as he rested his back on the headboard. The sound of water hitting tiled floor in the bathroom filled the air, and his mind wondered off. Ever since his ex-girlfriend cheated on him, he had become a loner. If it wasn’t work related, he never wanted to even meet girls again, because to him, all of them were the same. He could have sworn Julie was the most faithful human being on earth and for her to eventually cheat on him broke him down. His friend, Wale spent months on end trying to get him dating again, but was never successful. He finally gave up after a while, but one day two weeks ago, he told Frank about a nice girl he wanted to hook him up with. He said it came with no attachments; just someone he could spend an intimate night with. Frank still didn’t know why he said yes to the proposal, but he guessed it was because his soul was just tired of being alone.

She turned off the shower, and a few minutes later, she came out, drying her body with a white towel. Their eyes connected and she smiled before looking away. She walked over to where she had dropped the clothes he had given her. After properly drying her body, she laid the towel on the bed, and slowly got into the shorts and t shirt. He watched her walk back to the bathroom, and it was cool seeing her in his clothes.

When she reemerged from the bathroom, she got in bed, and sat next to him. There was silence, and she turned to look at him after a while with a smile on her face. She probably was waiting for him to make a move, but he just wasn’t in the mood for anything at the moment. “So… tell me a little about yourself.” He said and it made her smile some more. He loved her smile.

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