One Last Time episode 9


© Sonia Okehie


Even with all the prayer of forgiveness Stacy rendered to God, she still felt condemned. It hurt her badly to know that Randy was the one that put her in such position. At that broken state, Stacy knew one thing for sure and it was the fact that it was over between her and Randy. “I’m never going back to that monster, I hate him so much for doing this to me” Stacy said as she cried bitterly.

All through that night, she couldn’t sleep well as she kept tossing back and forth on the bed. She prayed over a thousand times for forgiveness but still felt God hadn’t forgiven her yet. If only she knew that God forgave her the very first time she genuinely said ‘I’m sorry’, then she would have stopped eating herself up. I guess she hadn’t forgiven herself for still keeping a person like Randy as her partner even after being introduced to light.

Light and darkness can’t coexist in the same place; it’s either one gives room for the other to dominate because they both can’t dominate at the same time. The best thing Stacy would have done was to walk away from the relationship, since Randy made it clear to her that he wasn’t ready to change. It’s a good thing her eyes was now clear to see the incompatibility between her relationship with Randy and her new found life. After much heartache, Stacy finally went to bed.

From that day henceforth, she avoided Randy like a plague. Randy called over and over again till she had to block his line from calling her. He came knocking countlessly but she always pretended to be away and never opened the door for him. Randy wanted her back but things had already gotten out of control because Stacy’s mind was made up.

As things were going sideways with Randy, Noble and Stacy were gradually becoming inseparable. She didn’t tell him of all the drama that had been going on in her personal life just to avoid loosing her value in his eyes(see finish).

Noble was so in love with the new lady Stacy was becoming and started wanting more than friendship. Unknowingly to him, Stacy was also very much attracted to him but she never gave him any clue to avoid rejection. Noble always picked her up for random dates and also invited her for godly seminars.
It happened that there was this relationship seminar they attended together. Noble just thought it would be good for them to get knowledge on that area of life, that’s why they went for the seminar and nothing else.

As they sermon was going on, the speaker would say some cute romantic things and they would all laugh. Noble’s eyes jammed with hers several times and they smiled and removed eye contacts.

Unknowingly to Stacy, Noble was dying to tell her how he felt but just didn’t know what her reaction would be like. Unable to hold his emotions any longer, he brought out his jotter, tore a little part of it and wrote; “You are beautiful and have stolen someone’s heart”.

When he was done writing, he passed the sheet of paper down to Stacy and she read what he wrote and started blushing. She took her pen and wrote “who’s heart did I steal?” and passed the paper back to Noble.

When he read what she wrote, he smiled and replied saying “You have stolen my heart, can I have it back?”. He passed the paper back to Stacy and she started laughing.

She looked at him and said “Naahhh, I’m not giving it back” and Noble slowly whispered; “I Love You Stacy”……..

To be continued…

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