Nancy’s Tears


Chapter 1

Nancy had travelled to live with her aunt,her mother’s younger sister she had always wanted to live with her aunt Jacinta having the impression that her aunt would treat her better than her mum not knowing that she is beast
Jacinta had always wanted Nancy to come stay with her so she could take care of her children while she (Jacinta) goes to work and come back whenever she likes she promised herself to fustrate hell out of Nancy’s life whenever she remembers what her sister (Nancy’s mum) did to her during her teenage age

She dressed up and left to pick Nancy from the park, she waited so long but didn’t see Nancy
She came out from her car and sighted a young girl standing with a “Ghana Must Go” bag staring at the tall buildings and admiring the noisy surroundings,A hand tapped her roughly from the back she turned immediately and rushed to hug her aunt, Jacinta removed her glasses and pushed with full force

You want to stain my gown right?

No auntie,I was carried away

Do you know how much this gown cost? Move.. Jacinta commanded looking at her with hatred written all over her eyes

Nancy obeyed, she walked faster not knowing where to head to, Jacinta screamed her name asking her to enter the car

Nancy entered the car shivering, she continued looking at the tall buildings,held her bag tightly to her chest

How old are you now? Jacinta asked parking at the garage

I’m 20 auntie.. she replied

Get down.. Jacinta commanded

Nancy came down from the car, she admired the house as a girl that grew up in the village she touched so many things while her cousins and neighbours stared at her like when someone sees a ghost

Nancy! Jacinta screamed

Yes auntie.. she answered going inside the house

Drop your bag at the passage and follow me to the kitchen

Nancy obeyed, she regretted ever coming to the city “Why is she treating me like this”? she murmured to herself entering the kitchen

Jacinta taught her how to use the sink, the gas and every other thing in the kitchen and left her at her own risk

Nancy smiled while washing the dishes, she danced to the rhythm of the music coming from the neighbour’s room, she was still dancing when her cousin sister entered staring at her from head to toe

Hey what’s your name?

I’m Nancy but you can call me Nana for short…Nancy replied smiling

My name is Melissa you can call me Lissa for short… Melissa told her

Nice name, can you help me turn on the gas, your mum asked me to cook yam for dinner.. Nancy said smiling

Sure! I’ll assist you .. Melissa replied bringing down the pot

On the gas..

Not yet,you haven’t peeled the yam… everything must be ready before you turn on the gas.. Melissa said yawning

Nancy peeled the yam,got everything ready while Melissa turned on the gas and they started cooking

That night jacinta’s husband came back from work,he was delighted to see Nancy he introduced Nancy to his children while his wife frowned at him
Jacinta took Nancy to the passage, gave her a mat and wrapper

Auntie I can sleep in the parlour,I can’t sleep here.. Nancy told her holding the wrapper and mat

You can’t sleep in my parlour, this passage is your bedroom.. don’t ask me or talk to me about here again.. Jacinta said and left

Nancy slept in the passage, mosquitoes couldn’t let her sleep she wished she never came to the city

© Mhiz Mirabel

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