Nancy’s Tears episode 9


Chapter 9

What happened Nancy? I thought they said you were not alive anymore? Her mum dusting her body

It’s a long story mum everything is okay now.. she replied
She introduced Melissa and doctor Charles to her parents “you have grown ooo I couldn’t even recognize her” her mum said laughing

What about Jacinta and her family,why didn’t they come with you? Her dad asked

Mum I’m not staying with them any longer, your sister is a wicked human being and once I go back to Lagos I’m going to arrest her

Why? What did she do? Her mum questioned

Nancy told her parents how Jacinta maltreated her even abandoned her in the hospital and tried to kill Melissa she went ahead to tell them how Mr Christopher raped her.
Nancy’s mum was heartbroken she asked her daughter for forgiveness and promised to deal with jacinta

Don’t worry mum,I’ll deal with her myself.. Nancy said

Mum you haven’t upgraded oooo,where are my siblings? Where’s my big sis? She asked going round the compound

They’re in school, uchechi has gone to work I’m really happy,I’m the happiest Nancy.. her mum said

She went inside the kitchen to continue with her cooking

Nancy and doctor Charles left the compound leaving Melissa behind ” I just feel like we should surprise your mum” doctor Charles said driving out of the compound

What do you want to get for her? Where are we going? She asked looking at him

We are going to the market,I want to get her a gas cooker and other things.. replied doctor Charles

Nancy smiled “so how sure are you that the route you took now leads to the market”?

I don’t even know… he replied still driving

You don’t know and you’re still driving,crook…

They got to the market bought cooking utensils, food stuffs and gas cooker
Nancy’s parents thanked him they danced round the items singing praises

Mum this one you’re dancing like this don’t touch the gas until uchechi comes back she will teach you how to use it.. Nancy said

Her mum stopped dancing and started blessing Nancy and doctor Charles

Mum ogini Kwa? She asked laughing

I thought he is your husband to be…

Who told you that one, it’s Melissa…. Nancy accused

Mum I wanted to see my siblings before going back but they ain’t back from school yet we will be coming next month.. Nancy said dropping money for her siblings

Her mum nodded putting the money under her armpit

My regards to them.. she said hugging her dad

God bless you doctor Charles, Melissa and Nancy safe journey.. her parents said and bade farewell to them

They got home safe but late, Nancy was already tired and hungry she rushed to the kitchen she didn’t bother to warm the food

Take it easy madam.. Melissa told her going to warm the food

We are going to your place next week…he told Melissa

To arrest her parents? Nancy asked

Okay but we will have to go in the evening.. Melissa said

In the evening, evening will be better.. replied doctor Charles

Rumors got to jacinta that Nancy was still alive, Jacinta promised herself to find Nancy
Her husband warned her to let the poor girl be but she refused

Don’t tell me that oga, you want her to arrest us with the police if I don’t kill her she will arrest us, life imprisonment for that matter.. Jacinta said

You want to kill her again better we go to jail than touching that innocent girl..

But you raped her, innocent girl shift abeg.. she replied

Continue murderer..he said and turned to leave

You are also a murderer you killed Annie… Jacinta blasted

I didn’t kill her you did..he defended

Annie was their second housemaid who was also a victim of Mr Christopher
She was killed by Mr Christopher the day she promised to expose him to his wife and the public Mr Christopher begged her till no avail, Jacinta found out Annie was raped by her husband she drugged her and stabbed her many times on the chest Mr Christopher also went to kill her that same night not knowing that she has been killed already he stabbed her two times and dragged her body outside,he dumped her body inside the gutter as dirty water from the gutter carried her to an unknown destination
Mr Christopher came inside the room already drained his wife stared at him from head to toe and asked him where he was coming from “You killed Annie” she accused
Let this shit just be between us Jacy let no one hear about it please..he begged


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