Nancy’s Tears episode 7


Chapter 7

Nancy boarded a cab and left the school premises without anybody’s knowledge Nancy went inside the kitchen and dished out food for Melissa, Melissa finished the food within a twinkle of an eye

You still need more? Nancy asked

Yes Nancy.. she replied smiling

I got you Lissa.. she replied and ran to dish another food for her
When she was done eating Nancy took her to the bathroom where she had her shower, Nancy discarded her disgusting uniform and socks she gave her one of gowns to wear

It doesn’t look good on me Nancy.. she said stretching herself

Because you are more than slim I’m sorry for what you might have passed through in your madam’s place.. Nancy said adjusting the gown

It fine 😔..

Ready? Nancy asked

Yes Nancy.. she replied

My mum held me tightly on the neck I pretended to be dead she saw I wasn’t breathing anymore she dumped me inside one of the empty rooms, my brother bethel came in and begged me to jump from the window and leave the house I did as I was told I left the house to an unknown destination I didn’t even know where I was heading to I slept in an uncompleted building for one week,I left the building because I was raped I begged for aims on the street before my madam picked me I was very happy hoping to live my life to the fullest not knowing that it was the beginning of my suffering my madam would always beat me if she doesn’t hit me with the mopping stick she hits me her husband’s belt she made me eat sour meals her husband managed to register me in a school, every day once it’s 10 o’clock she will rush to the school and pick me up framing up lies against me, she will pick me up during lesson hours and send me to hawk oranges if I should come home without selling the entire oranges I won’t eat that day, she slaps anyhow she likes Nancy that woman really delt with me,you see this mark here she gave me the mark the day I broke her plate my madam made life miserable for me…

Karma.. Nancy said silently

What did you say? Lissa asked

Nothing,you will be staying here for now.. she replied

Can you remember the day I mistakenly poured your food away? Lissa asked

Yes I remember..

My mum poisoned the food, she gave it to Eno to pass to you assuming I wasn’t there you have been dead.. Melissa said

You saved me Lissa thank you very much..

They were about to hug when doctor Charles came in, Nancy rushed to hug him

You came home early today what happened? He asked

I met my cousin in school today so I decided to bring her home.. she replied

Hi dear cousin.. doctor Charles greeted


You came home early today too any problem? Nancy asked freeing herself from his chest

I actually forgot something so I came to pick it,see you guys later..he said and went inside his room

That’s the doctor that saved me,I owe him my life.. Nancy told Melissa

That’s nice, he’s such a nice person.. she replied

But I love him Lissa

Go ahead and tell him nah…Lissa replied laughing

Jacinta waited patiently for Eno at the backyard she was about going inside when Eno showed up Eno apologized for keeping her waiting

Please pull off let’s be fast before someone comes here.. Jacinta said dragging Eno to herself
Eno freed herself immediately and shifted back

I don’t want to continue doing this shit..I’m tired

What do you mean Eno? Don’t dare me or else

Or else what I said i am tired what don’t you understand? Eno interrupted

Jacinta landed a hot slap on her cheek and a fight ensured between the two ladies, the two striped themselves naked as people gathered to watch them some were busy videoing them Mr Christopher rushed to the scene and separated them he dragged his wife inside
Within thirty minutes after the fight the videos were uploaded on social media Mr Christopher was ashamed as he watched his wife’s nakedness on social media

What caused this useless and God forsaken fight? He barked

Please let me be.. she replied

Dad I know what caused the fight.. immaculate said

Shut up she goat.. Jacinta said shutting her up with a slap

Dare me and I’ll strangle you here right now.. her mum shouted

Strangle me? That’s how you strangled… another slap landed on her cheek she left the parlour to her room

Mum is not fair oooo.. bethel said

You want to receive yours too?

Jacinta your nakedness is everywhere in the internet what the hell is all these why are you bringing shame upon this family what sort of a human being are you what have I done to deserve all these punishments from you? Mr Christopher kept shouting at the top of his voice

Jacinta didn’t say a word her mind was somewhere else, Melissa she strangled was nowhere to be found “What if this girl comes back to arrest me, life imprisonment” she murmured to herself

I’m talking to you and you are murmuring right now problem I’ll come for you.. Mr Christopher said leaving the parlour

Immaculate was crying and sniffing she vowed to expose her mum, she was meditating when he mum came in with a dagger.


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