Nancy’s Tears episode 5


Chapter 5

Nancy was recovering faster, her head was badly injured she begged the doctor to help her call her mum
Who knows what that woman is going through now because I’m sure my aunt might have told her that I’m dead.. Nancy said

The doctor did as he told and Nancy’s mum picked up

Hello.. Nancy said smiling

Hello uchechi.. her mum said thinking it was her first daughter

Mum is not uchechi..mum I’m not dead I’m still alive.. Nancy said

You are not dead? Who are you? Nancy,Nancy, Nancy

Yes,I’m not dead mum.. she replied

Nancy what happened? Why did you take the abortion pills? Her mum asked

Abortion pills? I didn’t do anything like that I swear with my life,I know your sister might have fed you up with lies but believe me mum

Nancy you went to Lagos to disgrace me, instead of focusing on your education Nancy you went around sleeping with chew gum boys and you got pregnant for one of them Nancy, Jacinta said they buried you how come you’re still alive?

It’s a long story mum but I wasn’t pregnant for anyone.. She replied

Whenever you are ready to tell me what happened you let me know don’t ever you call my line again,it will never be well with you for rubbing shame on my face God will judge you, your aunt gave you whatever you wanted you just chose to live a wayward life.. her mum said and ended the call

Nancy handed back the phone to the doctor and started crying

How old are you? Asked doctor Charles

I’ll be 21 in the next one month.. she replied still sobbing

I’m sorry for whatever that’s happening now, don’t worry I’ll work on your aunt never knew she is heartless.. the doctor consoled

You are pregnant Nancy…

I know, her husband is responsible for it her husband raped me he took my virginity away.. she sobbed

It’s fine you don’t need to cry I’ll take care of you and the baby..

Nancy looked at him “What baby,I want to terminate the pregnancy” she said

Hahaha 😂😂😂 don’t try it, the baby might not even stay because he/she isn’t even in the womb this might cause you miscarriage so don’t think of terminating it..he said laughing

Nancy shook her head, stood up and left the parlour

Immaculate came out one morning vomiting and messing everywhere up, she quickly ran to the toilet to wash off her mouth not knowing someone was inside
She was done rinsing her mouth when she turned to look at the mirror and saw her mum with Eno

Mum! Lesbian? Since when? Eno.. immaculate screamed

It’s not what you think Immaculate.. Eno said picking up her clothes

Mum! You’re bisexual? Immaculate asked going close to them

Her mum didn’t respond, she picked up her wrapper and left immaculate and Eno

Eno since when? You have been sleeping with my mum huh..

Please don’t tell anyone, your mum forced me into doing this she promise to pay me whenever we meet I’m sorry please..Eno pleaded

Why were you always acting like a good person each time you are with Nancy,thank God she didn’t fall in your trap.. immaculate said laughing

Immaculate went close to her and started kissing her “I’ve missed you” immaculate said

After some minutes Eno left the toilet to her room she was lying down when Jacinta called her out

What were you doing with my daughter? She yelled

Your daughter? I did nothing with her oooo.. Eno denied

Jacinta landed a slap on her face and warned her never to go close to her daughter next time

Don’t ever in your life smell my daughter again…

What if I do? She asked rubbing her cheek

Are you trying to challenge me or what? Don’t even dare..

And what if I dare? Madam Jacinta or whatever your name is don’t even dare me because if you do I’ll show you what I’m made of..Eno said and left

Jacinta bit her finger and entered inside her room almost crying, she ran to warn immaculate

Immaculate was busy staring at her and mimicking her, she warned her mum never to go close to Eno again or else she won’t only tell everyone she’s bisexual

“I will go further to tell everyone how you killed Melissa and dumped her inside that room” immaculate said

Jacinta widened her eyes and began to stammer

Don’t try it immaculate…

Stay away from Eno she is mine… Immaculate warned and left her

Jacinta didn’t know what else to do, she ran to the room where she dumped her daughter she was nowhere to be found, she raised her hands up and left the room crying like someone who has been attacked


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