Nancy’s Tears episode 2


Chapter 2

Nancy was still forcing herself to sleep when her aunt tapped her Nancy sat up looking at her with sleepy eyes

This is 4 o’clock, won’t my children go to school? Will you get up from there now.. Jacinta commanded

Nancy didn’t want to question her but did as she was told, she folded her mat and wrapper then left for the kitchen
She washed all the dirty dishes then went to the parlour to ask her aunt what she was going to do next

Does it mean Ruth didn’t teach you all these, she didn’t teach you how to prepare your younger ones for school right? Oh I see.. go in there check if the left over will be enough for them if it won’t be enough prepare jollof rice immediately and lastly be fast because my children don’t go to school late.. she said and focused on her laptop

Nancy nodded,entered the kitchen and started preparing the rice, she didn’t bother to check the left over because she didn’t pay attention to what Jacinta was saying, she was busy admiring the laptop

6 o’clock everyone was awake,Nancy took turn to bath her cousins except Melissa and Immaculate the grownups
Jacinta entered the kitchen to dish out food for herself and husband when she sighted the yesterday leftover, she screamed Nancy’s name calling her all sorts of names and insulting her mum (Ruth)

What is the meaning of this? I warned you to check the leftover before cooking that rice didn’t I?

Auntie you did,It escaped my mind.. Nancy replied

You will eat this food because I don’t waste food in this house,if this food spoil Nancy,if this food spoil I’ll show you the other side of me..

Nancy opened the pot,it was still filled up with yam..”Why did I forget huh” she sat on the kitchen table holding her legs and murmuring to herself she was distracted by her aunt who was shouting her name from the dinning

Hi Nancy.. Melissa greeted

Hi Lissa…

What for? Starting when? Take this money go across the road and get a bar soap.. Jacinta said giving her some cash

Nancy collected the money and left she stood outside the gate trying to see if she can cross the road when someone touched her

Are you auntie jacinta’s house maid? Eno asked

I’m not her house maid… she replied

But she treats you as one, can I be your friend?

“Sure,my name is Nancy”

Wow,I am Eno Mrs Clara’s house maid.. Eno replied

Okay, can you accompany me to that shop?

Yes but you need to be fast because my madam will soon start shouting my name

Nancy came back, she handed the soap to her aunt who was staring at her like a ghost

What should I do with it, my friend will you take this and get out from here? There’s a door beside the kitchen open it you will see clothes that needs to be washed pack them all I repeat pack them all and wash, after that ask Eno, she stays in the other room ask her to show you where to fetch water fill everything with water and don’t forget to eat that yam you left in the pot,I’m off to work.. Jacinta directed called her children and left with them

Nancy sat on the floor and started crying,I didn’t come here to suffer,I didn’t come here to serve anyone oooo.. she cried relaxing her head on the couch
Eno knocked and came in..

Why are you crying? She asked

My auntie is really maltreating me,I don’t like this I want to go back home,I want to see my family..

Don’t cry, be strong okay..I heard her telling you what to do I’ll help you okay..

Thank you very much Eno.. Nancy thanked her and stood up
She brought out a heap of dirty clothes and started washing them while Eno helped her rinse and spread

Did your aunt promised your mum to send you to school? Eno asked

Yes, she promised to make me comfortable, she promised to take me as her own child.

Wow and she changed overnight, it’s well Nancy..

When they were done washing, Eno took her to the borehole outside the gate to fetch water

I’m no longer your friend but your sister..Eno told her helping her to put the gallon down

Eno my neck,I haven’t carried this gallon on my head before.. Nancy complained almost crying

Sorry,I’ll get a wheelbarrow from the other compound I’m mastered to it though,my madam made me do things I shouldn’t do, Nancy time will come when your aunt will start using you for money

I don’t understand, using me for money? How?

Calm down,my madam do use me for money.. that’s what your aunt does to all her house maids

Explain, how? Money ritual? Nancy asked

Let’s leave that one for another day.. Eno replied

© Mhiz Mirabel

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