My uncle’s wife and I Episode 8


That night i couldn’t sleep, the thought of how am going to live with Aunty Caroline in the absence of my uncle bothered me.

So I thought of an Idea, and I smiled and slept soundly.

Early the next morning, i woke up by 6am, and I immediately picked my phone to call mama.
So I can inform her of my lastest idea.

She picked at first ring and the following conversation ensued between us.

“Hello mama good morning ma”

Good morning nnam, how are you doing na?

“Am fine mama”

This one you called me early this morning, oginii?

Erhhmm mama, uncle obinna would be traveling to Germany today….

Yes he told me about it, any problems with that?

Yes mama…I mean no mama.
The thing is that he would be spending three months there and I would be feeling lonely here in Abuja.

Feeling lonely Kwa, are you a kid, ngwa continue.

So mama while uncle obinna would be in Germany, i would like to come down to the village maybe today or tomorrow.
When he comes back from Germany, then i will return to Abuja.

Ekwensu kpowoku!!!! You must be very m@d.
So just two days in Abuja, and my £n£mi£s are already drawing you back to the village okwhia?

Mama it’s not what you think, what will i be doing here since uncle obinna will not be around?
Isn’t it better i come and join you over there for now?

Taaarrr mechionu gi osiso!!!
Does uncle obinna not have a wife?
Make yourself comfortable with her, i know her very well, she is a nice person.

Ahhhh Mama she is not nice oh, i don’t like her one bit, and I am also not comfortable with her.

Please mama, try and understand me, i will explain things better when I come today.

Nnamdi, if you know what is good for you, better remain there in Abuja.
If i ever set my eyes on you in this village, i would d1s0wn you, trust me.

Before I could say anything again Mama hunged up on me.

I was unconsciously staring at my phone when uncle obinna and aunty caro came in to my room

Good morning uncle, good morning Aunty….I greeted.

Good morning nnamdi….they both replied.

Nnamdi, as you can see am set for my journey, please be of good behaviour.

Do not disrespect my wife, do whatever she tells you to do.
Treat her the same way you would treat me.
I don’t want to hear complain oh.

Okay sir i have heard you, please have a safe trip.

Uncle obinna left and aunty caro winked at me blowing me a kiss.

Escorted uncle obinna and aunty caro to the car and I watched them leave.
Aunty caro was the one driving uncle obinna to the airport.

After they left, i went to take a shower, and went to the gym area of the house for a little workout.
I love working out, it made me had a well fitted body.


While I was driving obinna my husband to the airport, i couldn’t help but smiled all through.

We always go for his business trip together, but this time I told him I couldn’t go with him because I don’t feel like going.

Obinna loves me so much and wouldn’t want to hu*rt me, so he let me stay.

He didn’t know i had other important plans.

Don’t blame me please, i have endured enough, i need a real man who can handle me well like the woman that I am.

Since I got married to obinna, i had been s£x st@rv£d.
We make love once in two weeks and it doesn’t last up to five minutes.

He gives me lot’s of money though, but i can’t always eat money na.
My body needs some g00d s£x.

Am still a young woman of just 32, my bl00d is still h0t and I need someone young to r0ck me.

And nnamdi is the perfect guy for it.
I must have nnamdi at all costs.

He won’t be able to resist me now that his uncle is not around.

When we got to the airport, i waited for their flights to take off and then i drove back home.

While I was driving i thought of buying nnamdi some things and then i stopped by at a supermarket for a little shopping.

I bought him some clothes, perfumes and colognes.

When I got home I went straight to his room but I didn’t see him there.

Then I asked his whereabouts from a maid and was told he was at the gym side of the house.

I quickly rushed to the gym and what I saw made my mouth dropped open and I w£t my p@nt immediately.

Nnamdi was working out with only a gym boxer and singlet on.

He was all sweaty, which made what he put on stick to his body, exposing every part of it.

I noticed his well chiseled chest and his well built six packs and at point I felt like rubbing them.

His whole muscle was out during his workout, and it turned me on.

I started at the boxer he put on, and the shape of his r0d was very visible in it.

If it is this huge while flat, i wondered how it will be if it’s ar0us£d.

I just can’t wait to have a taste.

I quietly left the gym to my room so as not to disturb nnamdi.

When I got to my room, i immediately undr£ss£d, and helped my self with a vibrat0r.
Seeing nnamdi that way, got me h0rny.

And then i used it with the image of nnamdi i saw earlier pictured in my brain.

I was also m0aning and calling nnamdi until i cu*mmed.

I managed go and wash up, and after that, I slept soundly like never before.

To be continued……

Written ✍️ by Martha

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