My uncle’s wife and I Episode 7


The next morning, as at 6:00am the sound of my door bell woke me up and i went to check who was there and the maid informed me to come downstairs for morning devotion.

What kind of morning devotion is this again….I muttered angrily.

I don’t like morning devotions because I wasn’t even used to it.

Back in the village mama doesn’t disturb me for her morning devotions because she knows I would definitely not participate in it.
She only does her morning devotions with my kid sister oluchi every morning.

I reluctantly went downstairs for the devotions.
and guess what?

The madam of the house was the one who led the devotion and it got me angry the more.
And I hissed silently.

When I got downstairs, everyone one in the house was already present for the morning devotions and they were all singing and clapping.

Immediately aunty caro saw me, she changed the tone of her singing voice to another tone stressing her voice in the process.

I am beginning to dislike this Aunty Caroline, she’s doing things too extreme and it’s getting me irritated already.

Well suddenly aunty caro shouted my name and asked me to kneel down so she would pray for me.

I glared at her for some minutes wondering what she is up to again.
I had no choice but to kneel in front of her.

While she was praying for me, she layed her hands on my head b£nding it towards her woman h00d area.

She kept twisting and b£nding my head all over the place all in the name of praying for me.

I couldn’t bear it any more then i pretentiously started coughing so I could escape from her.

My plans worked and she stopped praying for me I quickly stood up in an excuse to go and drink water and that was how i ran to my room and stayed there till they finished the morning devotion.

I took my bath that morning, wore my clothes and remained in my room.
Because I didn’t want to go downstairs for breakfast.

Then a maid came knocking at my door, i wanted to just ignore but she kept knocking.
So I told her I can’t come down for breakfast because am not feeling well.

Few minutes later uncle obinna came to my room with an angry look.

Nnamdi what is the problem with you?
Yesterday evening you didn’t come downstairs for dinner, i asked you why and you said you are not well.

I wanted to call doctor, you said no.
This morning again you were coughing uncontrollably at the morning devotion.
Now you don’t want to come down for breakfast claiming you are sick.

Nnamdi if you are sick speak up let’s rush you to the hospital.

Uncle am not sick it’s just that I am not used to eating at the dinning table, I love eating alone.

Nnamdi don’t worry you will get used to it, we are one family, you don’t have to be shy and I want you to come down for breakfast right now…… uncle said and left.

After he left my room, i reluctantly went to the dinning area to have breakfast.

The dinning table that morning was like a feast and I wondered if the three of us could finish the varieties of food present on the table.

Luckily for me, aunty caro didn’t send me any signals and I ate my food in peace.

While we were eating uncle obinna said something which almost made me f@int.

Erhhmm nnamdi, i learnt that you are very lenient and you even have a PhD degree certificate, am i correct?

Yes uncle, you are right sir.

Okay, the thing is that you won’t be working as a house help for us anymore, i will try and connect you with a better job suitable for you.

Immediately i Heard that, I rushed to hugged uncle obinna thanking him greatly but my joy was c*ut short when he spoke again.

It’s okay nnamdi, i will be traveling to Germany for a business meeting tomorrow, which will take me three months to come back to Nigeria.

When I come back, i would secure the job for you, i have sent some money to your account for your upkeeps when am not around.

If you need any other thing, you can talk to my wife Caroline.
Hope am clear?

Yes…yes uncle thank you so much sir….I said with a sad look on my face.

And then i looked at Aunty Caroline, and I caught her smiling mis*chieviously at me.
I knew in my heart that am in for a long run.

I lost appetite for my food immediately and I left to my room.

I was indoors through out that day because I wasn’t happy.
How am I going to cope with Aunty Caroline in the absence of my uncle?
Will i survive all her temptations….I asked myself w0rri£dly.

To be continued….

Written ✍️ by Martha

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