My uncle’s wife and I Episode 6


After Aunty Caroline left us and went upstairs, i kept wondering what made her left that way in a hurry.

Nnamdi you can go back to your room, I would see you later.
Then I went up the stairs to my room.

While in my room, i was still thinking about Aunty Caroline.
I mean, it’s after she had a handshake with me that she left hurriedly.

I don’t even know if she likes me or not.
I have never seen Aunty Caroline before, I only heard about their wedding plans year’s ago.

Aunty Caroline is very pretty though, but she is way younger than uncle obinna.

Uncle obinna should be in his late fifties while aunty Caroline should be in her early thirties.

The age gap between them is very much and I wondered why it was so.
Uncle obinna is very rich, so I won’t be surprised that’s the reason aunty Caroline married him.

Then I thought about ogechi, i wondered how she would be faring now.
She doesn’t have a phone, I would have called her to here her calm soothing voice.

I would try my possible best to buy her a phone from here and send it to her so we can be communicating better.

When it was 1pm, a maid came to knock on my room asking me to come down for lunch.

I left my room immediately so I could go and eat because I was already famished that some extent that I could eat a full goat.

When I got down stairs, i met uncle obinna and aunty caro already.

Immediately aunty caro saw me, our gaze met and she started readjusting her blouse exposing her cleaveges.

I turned away from her quickly because I was already feeling something rising inside my trousers.
You don’t have to blame me please, am a human.

So I sat down to eat and i had a difficult time trying to choose what to eat, because there were varieties of food on the tables.

The table had jollof rice, coconut rice, vegetable soup and fufu, white rice and stew, pepperd snails, with some snacks and fruits.

Nnamdi eat oh, I purposely asked the cook to make all these for you so you can eat to satisfaction….. uncle obinna said looking at me.

I smiled and i started eating immediately.
I went for vegetable soup and fufu…. you know as a local boy i had to eat something solid that am used to.

While I was eating, i felt as if someone was looking at me, and I looked above my food and caught aunty caro staring at me.

And then she blinked her eyes s£ductiv£ly and lick£d her lips.

When I saw her doing that, i was sh0cked and surprised.
And then due to how sh0ck£d I was, i started ch0king.

Aunty caro quickly gave me a glass of water knowing fully well that she is the reason am ch0king.

Nnamdi sorry ehhhnnn, please don’t rush your food to avoid ch0king again oh…. aunty caro said giving me the water.

Sorry nwannem, you can stop eating that one If it’s too peppery and take another food, inugo? please enjoy… uncle said staring at me.

No uncle, am fine sir….I said still eating.

Till i finished eating there i didn’t bother to look up to avoid pr0blems for myself.

I hurriedly eat my food and i was the first to leave the table to my room.

I got to my room and went into deep thought.
What just happened downstairs, did aunty caro just did that to me or it’s my imagination playing tricks on me?….I asked myself.

No no no, it cant be my imagination, I knew what i saw, i saw her gestures towards me clearly and that’s what made me ch0ked.

Oh God, what kind of a thing is this?
Today being my first day in this house, and my br@in is already tuning upside down.

God help me oh!!!….I exclaimed.

Later in the evening a maid came to knock at my door telling me to come to the dinning downstairs for dinner.

But i told her that I won’t be coming downstairs that she should please bring mine upstairs.
And she left.

A minute later uncle obinna came to my room to asked why I didn’t want to come downstairs.

I had to lie to him that I wasn’t feeling too well to come downstairs for dinner so I had to remain in my room.

Uncle obinna was about to call his doctor to come over and treat me, but told him not to bother about it that i would be fine.

Few minutes later, aunty caro personally brought my food to me.

When I saw her, i felt like disappearing away from the room immediately i couldn’t even look at her face.

Nnamdi what is it now, your uncle said you were not feeling too well to come down for dinner….she asked placing her hand on my n£ck.

Yeah I was only having a h£adach£ ma but am fine now…..I said removing her hands from my n£ck because I wasn’t comfortable with it.

It’s okay I will leave you to rest now Good night….. and she left blowing me a kiss.

After she left, i opened my food and the nice aroma of the food filled the room.
It was yam portage and some fried fish.

I ate to my satisfaction and went to drop the plate at the kitchen.

I had my bath and started watching a movie on my TV until i slept off.

To be continued…..

Written ✍️ by Martha

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