My uncle’s wife and I Episode 5


The next day, I woke up as 8am and I took my bath and went out of the hotel to see if I can get akara and bread for breakfast.

Fortunately for me i saw a place where akara was sold after a long walk.

I brought akara and bread and went straight to the hotel so I can eat.

When it was exactly 10am, uncle obinna called me that I should be ready because his driver is already on his way coming and he has given the driver my number.

Some minutes later a strange number called me and it happened to be the said driver of my uncle.

I described the hotel I was to him and he said he knows the location.

Thirty minutes later the driver called me again that he is already close so I should come outside.

I quickly rushed outside and then i saw a black Highlander parked in front of me and the person inside whined down.

You must be nnamdi right?…. the driver said asked.

Yes am nnamdi, any problems?…..I asked so as to be sa*fe.

Am the driver sent to pick you up by your uncle, please hop in.

Oh sorry, I was only trying to play safe….I said putting my bags inside the car.

And then the driver came down from the car to assist me and we left.

When we got to my uncle’s house, i was surprised and I had to asked the driver if this is the house because I couldn’t believe uncle obinna was this rich.

It was a duplex with expensive design’s and structure on it.

The gate to the building was automatic, it opens on it own and closes on its own.

I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful water fountain in front of the building and beautiful flowers around the building.

Ego amaka chaiii !!!!!….I exclaimed.

Let’s please go in sir so you would see your uncle…. the driver interrupted me.

I wanted to carry my bag’s in but the driver asked me to go in that he would bring them to my room.

I went in and saw my uncle at bar area of the sitting room drinking wine.

Nnamdi my man….he yelled.

And I rushed to give him a hug.

You are now a big man now oh, look at how grown up you are, you are even taller than me sef.

I smiled and bowed my head for a tap.

So how is your mother and your sister hope they are fine?…..he asked.

Yes uncle, they are fine sir.

And then uncle obinna poured some wine into a glass cup and handed it to me.

I don’t drink alcoholic wines, but I couldn’t reject it so as not to offend my uncle.

While drinking, we discussed about my journey to Abuja, and my uncle also told me about Abuja.

After our discussion he sent a maid to show me my room, when I saw my room, i was marveled at what i saw.

The room was far more better than the room i logged for 50k yesterday, everything in my room was expensive.

And then i took my bath again to join my uncle downstairs.

When I got downstairs, i saw a beautiful woman sitting close to my uncle.

I guessed it was his wife and my guess was right.

Ehmm nnamdi, meet my beautiful wife Caroline, you can call her Aunty Caroline or madam Caro.

Good afternoon ma’am, I greeted bowing my head before her.

Good nnamdi, how are you….she said stretching her hands for a handshake.

Am fine ma….I said shaking her hands.

Aunty Caroline held my hands in a handshake staring at my face in lost.

Uncle obinna had to tap her to bring her back to present.

Caroline are you okay?…. uncle obinna asked her.

Yes….yes I..I..I am fine please excuse….she said.and she left us hurriedly.

Uncle obinna and I stared at her as she was climbing the stairs up wondering what went wrong.


I had wanted a male house keeper which I told obinna my husband and he started searching for it immediately.

He later told me his nephew would be the one to work as the house keeper.

Now today being the first time of meeting him, i just couldn’t stop myself from admiring him.

He is so tall and dark with a smooth skin and a perfect set of dentition.

Unlike his uncle obinna that I married, very short and pot bellied, with a scattered tooth and big mouth like kponmo.

If not for his wealth, i wouldn’t have want to have anything to do with him.

I purposely didn’t want to get pregnant in our five years of marriage because I wouldn’t want my children to be as ug*ly as him.

He can’t even perform his bedroom activities well, I have been patient with him because of the money, most times i help myself with a vib*rat0r.

Nnamdi is very handsome and it won’t be bad if I had him as a side piece I need a real man biko….I thought.

To be continued…..

Written ✍️ by Martha

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