My uncle’s wife and I episode 4


I got to Abuja late when it was close to 10pm and I didn’t had a phone on me to call uncle obinna that I have arrived Abuja.

I just looked for a hotel around the park, so I could lodge for the night.

When I got to the hotel, I made sure I lodged in a room according to my budget so I would have some cash for the next day.

I was given a room which was nice and comfortable and then i had my shower.

After bathing, my tummy started rumbling as i was extremely hungry, i hadn’t eaten anything for that day.

I tried buying food from the hotel I lodged in, but their food was extremely expensive and wasn’t anywhere close to my budget.

So I went out of the hotel to get food elsewhere, and lucky me I didn’t even went for before I saw a local restaurant.

I went into the restaurant and ate to my satisfaction and then i left.

I noticed the area was very busy and bubbly like it’s still day time, unlike my village that the whole place would be silent and lonely from 8pm.

I looked around me and I saw a business call center and I hurriedly went there to make a call.

I got there and I brought out a piece of paper where i wrote mama’s number and uncle obinna two phone numbers.

I first of all called mama, and i told her I have got to Abuja.

Mama was very happy and was singing over the phone like i won a trophy.

I also spoke with my kid sister oluchi who was very happy to hear my voice.

After i called mama, I called uncle obinna.

Immediately i started calling, he picked at first ring.

“Hello”….his deep baritone voice spoke at the other end.

When I heard his deep voice, i got scared…. because I was very little since I saw him and his voice wasn’t this thick.

Hello, who am I speaking with please?….he said bringing me back to present.

Hello good evening uncle, it’s me nnamdi, I wanted to inform you that I have just arrived Abuja.

Nnamdi wait let me call you back….he said and hunged up.

Uncle obinna called back immediately.

Nnamdi how na, how was your journey, hope it wasn’t stressful nna?….he asked.

Yes sir…I mean no sir my journey was smooth…. I lied.

So where are you now, it’s late already if not I would have asked my driver to come pick you…..he said.

That won’t be necessary sir, I already lodged in an hotel sir..

What is the name of the hotel?….he asked me.

……. hotel sir because it’s affordable….I replied.

No oh, how can my nephew stay in that kind of a hotel, i know that hotel na, it’s standard it’s too p00r…..he blast£d.

But uncle that was the place my money could afford….I replied sadly.

Ngwanu park your bag’s and leave that hotel oh, send me yha account details let me send some money so you could go for a better hotel oh…. uncle obinna said.

But uncle am not at the hotel now, I am at a business call center, when I get to the hotel, I will change location immediately….I replied.

So you mean you don’t have a phone too, chineke nna, oya now send me your account number let me add money for phone too…..he said.

I hurriedly sent my account details to uncle obinna and within five minutes he called back.

Nnamdi i just sent you two hundred thousand, look for a better hotel and also try and get a new phone, am sure phone shops are still open now…. and he hunged.

I was so happy, and I rushed to a bank close by and I slot in my ATM card to confirm if truly the 200k entered.

To my greatest amazement, the 200k was sitting pretty in my account, so I withdrew some money to get a phone.

After i got myself a pretty Samsung phone, i found my way back to my hotel room and packed my things moving straight to a high standard hotel.

When I got to the hotel, I went for the cheapest room which was 50k per 24hrs.

When I got to my room i was wowed by the settings in the room, everything in the room scr£am£d wealth.

Money good oh!!!!….I exclaimed.

But wait oh this my uncle obinna seems very rich and influential oh, then how come he didn’t bothered to help me with a job since I finished school?…I asked myself aloud.

Anyways am grateful i listened to mama, maybe uncle obinna might connect me with a well paying job if he trusts me fully……I thought.

I arranged my things at my hotel room and then I slot my sim inside my phone and called uncle obinna

He was happy I was comfortable in my hotel room told me one of his driver’s will come and pick me by 10:00am the next day.

After i finished talking to uncle obinna, i admired my room again and went to take a shower.

After i showered, i ordered for chicken and chips and red wine to cool and watch my TV.

Few minutes later, a room service brought in my orders which cost me 30 thousand naira but I didn’t care.

Man ghat to enjoy once a while…I kept telling myself, sipping my wine and going through my new phone.

After i finished eating I went to bed sleeping soundly under the cool of the air conditioner in my room.

To be continued…..

Written ✍️ by Martha

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