My uncle’s wife and I Episode 3


A week later i embarked on a journey to Abuja with the little money mama gave me.

Ogechi came to my house that early morning and brought some goodies for me like soap, beverages, boxers and singlet and even gave me five thousand naira.

Ogechi why would you have to stress yourself to bring all this for me?…..I asked in an emotional tone.

Don’t worry nnamdi, these are just my little way of wishing you a saf£ journey to Abuja I would have done more than this if I had much….she said.

I hugged her and rearranged my bag’s and then i left bidding Mama and oluchi my younger sister a farewell.

Mama asked me to kneel down, and then she prayed for me wishing me to make it big at Abuja.

After the prayers, i went straight to the park with ogechi following me, because she wanted to escort me.

When I got to the park, the bus was almost filled up so i quickly went to pay up my transport fare to the cashier.

Few minutes later the bus was now filled up and I was about to enter the bus when ogechi held my hands.

Nnamdi please do not forget about me, I will surely be waiting for you…. ogechi said Cr*yi*Ng.

Then I hugged her trying to calm her down, all eyes were already on us and I felt embarrassed.

Some passengers admired us, while some were shouting at me to come inside the bus so that we would leave.

That moment was very emotional between me and ogechi, and I assured her again that I would never leave her.

I left ogechi and entered the bus, and while our bus moved, ogechi kn£lt down calling on my name and cr*Ying alongside.

I couldn’t bare it again, and t£ars began to flow from my eyes.

Some passengers in the bus sympathised with me, while some were laughing at me calling me a lover boy.

I watched ogechi, until she was out of sight and then i sat on my seat still w££ping like a child.


Nnamdi was my first man, and within the short period of his stay in the village with his mother i had loved me so much.

He is kind of man i want as a husband but it’s so unfor*tunate that my parents didn’t want him for me because he is p00r.

I love nnamdi so much and he loves me too and I believe he would definitely come back for me and marry me.

I watched the bus that conveyed nnamdi and other passengers until it was out of sight and then i left the park, going home sad.

When I got home I saw my parents seated outside with my elder brother and they looked an*gry.

Ogechi were are you coming from this morning?…..papa asked me ang*rily.

Uhm..erhmm…papa i went…to…erhhmm…I said stuttering.

Don’t even bother to li£ ogechi, we already know where you are coming from… Mama said.

So ogechi, after all my war*nings to you to leave that boy called nnamdi alone, you have r£fused to listen okwhia?….papa asked.

But papa i love nnamdi so much and he loves me too, now he has gone to the city to make it so he can come and marry me, you all should allow me be with the man i love…..I said almost in t£ars.

Taaarrr mechionu gi, what do you know about love you this small girl?…. anyways it’s a good thing he left this village, so you are getting married to a rich man as soon as possible whether you like it or not…..papa said and went inside.

Mama stared at me with hat*r£d in her eyes and went in hissing alongside.

And then i stared at my elder brother Michael in an*ger.

So brother Michael, you still went and told mama and papa after i pleaded with you not to?…I asked.

But i ignored me as if i wasn’t talking to him and then i went to my room.


The journey to Abuja wasn’t a smooth one for me, I kept thinking about many things especially ogechi.

I didn’t had a phone, and she didn’t have a phone either, i would have called to know how she is faring right now.

To be continued…..

Written ✍️ by Martha

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