My uncle’s wife and I Episode 28


So uncle obinna finally came back from Germany and we all went to the airport to welcome him in a grand style.

You need to see how Aunty Caroline was acting all clingy and innocent around uncle obinna.

No one would believe i had always warmed her bed consistently in the absence of her husband my uncle.

Immediately my uncle came down from the plane, Aunty Caroline was the first to Rush to hug him kissing him alongside.
She even gave him flowers.

I went to meet my uncle bowing my head to him for a handshake while he pat’s my back.

We all drove back home from the airport in a convoy.

Before we left home to meet uncle obinna at the airport, Aunty Caroline had already contacted an event planner who organised a welcome party for uncle obinna.

So when we got home uncle obinna was surprised with the event going on in his house.

The whole workers in the house, came out to welcome uncle obinna.

There was lots to eat and drink, I even invited oke and ogechi to come over to the welcome party.

I was kind of avoiding direct contact with my uncle because my conscience was really guilty, I couldn’t even look at his face.

The party ended after a short while, and the few person’s that came, all went back home including oke and ogechi promising to call them later.

After everyone had left, uncle obinna, called me and every worker in the house to the lounge upstairs.

He first thanked us all for putting things in other while he was away, and urged us to continue that way.

He then started showering praises on Aunty Caroline which made her blush.

You all should clap for my beautiful wife….. uncle obinna said.

And then we started clapping.

Then he told us the news about Aunt Caro being pregnant with a broad smile on his face.

The whole workers gasped in surprise and I joined them to act surprised too so I won’t look suspicious.

And then one oversabi driver lead a praise song and all of us joined in singing and clapping.

We sang, danced and clapped for few minutes.
Uncle obinna danced so much because of the happiness he was feeling.

After the praise and dance, uncle obinna announced to everyone of us present there that he would be hosting a big party in three days time.

To celebrate the goodnews of his unborn child.

I smiled sinisterly knowing fully well that it will be a perfect day and chance to carry out my plans to get rid of her pregnancy.

Then uncle obinna would think maybe it’s one of the guests who came to the party that was responsible for it.

I smiled again with the idea, I have to be very smart with this thing am about to do, so no one would suspect me incase it happens.

Uncle obinna finished talking with us, and dismissed us going to his room with aunty caro, holding her hands.

Immediately i got to my room, i picked up my phone and called oke telling him about the big party Uncle obinna want’s to host.

As if oke knew what i had thought of earlier, he told me that is the perfect time to strike.

So nwannem how e go be na, do you have what I can give to her to Finnish the job?…..I asked.

I tell you before say that one na small thing, anyways come over to my house tomorrow, i have what to give to you…..oke replied.

I thanked oke and ended the call.

The next day, I went to see oke as planned.
I went straight to oke’s room when I came to his house so that ogechi won’t be suspicious.

Oke gave me a da*rk pow£r£d stu*ff wrapped in a piece of paper.

Please nnamdi when you are about to carry out the plan, just add a pin*ch of it to anything she is drinking that day oh….. oke said placing it in my palm.

How am I sure just one pin*ch of it would work?…,.I asked oke.

Nnamdi bikokwa, just one pin*ch will do the job trust me.
It shouldn’t be more than a pin*ch oh…..oke warned.

I stared at the stu*ff again and I quickly put it inside my pocket and I spent little time with ogechi, then i left oke’s house in a hurry so I won’t go late to my uncles house.

When I got home, I met uncle obinna at the dinning area eating dinner, he asked where I was coming from, and I told him it’s from my childhood friend’s place.

Uncle obinna didn’t say anything to me and then i left his sight to my room upstairs.

While I was going upstairs, I bumped into Aunty Caroline, she stared at me and gave me a quick peck brushing me with her body.

I got to my room and I carefully hid the thing oke gave to me deep inside my wardrobe where nobody can easily reach.

Later on, oke called me that evening telling me to make sure I delete that video from Aunty Caroline’s laptop or i should just flash the laptop before I carry out my plans.

I thanked him greatly and ended the call.

To be continued…..

Written ✍️ by Martha

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