My Uncle’s Mirror

There is this mirror in my uncle’s house no body dears to look at, it always hanged up at the reach and view of no one.

Because of this weird law, I and my siblings don’t go to our uncle’s house. He was very wealthy and that got us more scared, not until our parents died.

We were forced to go live with our uncle, since he was our only surviving relative. Again my uncle reviewed the rules with us.

I was the type who goes out at night to get water to drink. One night while I was entering the kitchen when I cut sight of my uncle viewing the mirror.

He was a bit serious like one who is seeing an interesting movie, I was still staring when he swiftly turned towards my direction with outmost anger in his face.

I quickly hid myself to avoid being caught, and managed to crawl back to me and my younger brothers room.

The next morning my uncle bought a water dispenser for me and warned me not to leave my room at late ours again, I accepted with fright.

That night while I was sleeping a trembling sound in the living room woke me up, only for me to find my younger brother missing.

I began searching for him but he was no where to be found, I was pushed to step out of my room in search of my brother.

I walked through the staires to go check him in the kitchen, then I saw my uncle stacking him on the neck. He was forcing my brother to stare at the mirror.

I watched with tear filled eyes as he turned my brother’s head with outmost power towards the mirror. He over powered my brother and made him take a peep at the mirror, all of a sudden my brother varnished into the mirror.

I couldn’t sleep that night or go back to my room, so I hid myself in the kitchen and waited for my uncle to leave for bed.

When it clocked 3am my uncle retired to bed and I went towards the direction of the mirror to take a view of what is inside.

As I looked I saw all our family relations and some other people stocked inside including my parents. I was told by my parent’s to break them out by making one of my uncle’s biological child look at the mirror.

I immediately rushed to my uncle’s first daughter and called her to come help me that I mistakenly dropped the mirror.

“Did it break ?” She asked eagerly.

“No it didn’t but I need someone taller to come help me put it back, before daddy sees it” I lied to her.

I stood back as I watch her take a view of herself in the mirror ……


©️ Missing pen

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