My uncle’s mirror episode 4


My dad sighed and asked me to take view of the mirror that I’ll find my answers . He then despeard and a view showed up on the mirror, I saw………

I saw auntie precious my uncle’s wife and my uncle’s ex exchanging babies in the hospital, and that baby turned out to be Ellen. Every thing went blank and I rushed off to bed.

The next morning while asleep my uncle barged into my room and woke me up. I stood up and narrated everything down for him

“Uncle why will your wife do such an abominable thing or don’t she love her child?” I asked looking deep into my uncle.

My uncle was in awe as he explained that…… when His wife got pregnant of thier first child, he was still building his current company and wanted to use his first child as the next of kin.

The whole thing got us confused as to why she wanted Ellen to inherit my father’s property. Well I and my uncle paid a private investigator to run a proper research on the case for us.

Two weeks later the investigator brought the full information and it States that my uncle’s wife is the sister to my uncle’s ex.
They both have been in so many marriages and they both are mystic, using their magical powers to acquire wealth from men who they’ve dated or married.

According to him Ellen was the daughter of their brother and my uncle’s biological child is a boy and he stays with his ex girlfriend as her son.

We both got overwhelmed at the report the private investigator gave us, all we had to do was to make my uncle’s son look at the mirror.

The investigator gave us the school address where my uncle’s biological son studies and we both made our plans to get to him.

When we met the boy , he actually had some resemblance with my uncle but still that wasn’t enough to convince the boy.

The boy requested for a DNA test as proof, which we did at a near by hospital. The results came out the next day but we couldn’t take it because I had exams and my uncle had to get to work.

It was 4 pm in the evening while I was washing my clothes when the boy appeared from thin air. I was shocked to see him perform a magical act.

He assured me not to be afraid that he was taught some magical tricks by my uncle’s ex , he also came with the test results which showed positive.

No one was at home as of that moment so I quickly took the boy inside to solve the mystery. Immediately he saw the mirror he started making some incantations.

While making the incantations, our family relations faces began to appear one by one. As there face came up he will touch the mirror and they would come out.

He freed every one of our relations and we all sat in the parlour waiting for my uncle and his wife to return.

When they both came in, on sighting my uncle’s biological child and other family relations my aunt began asking for Mercy.

Not long enough my uncle called the police and bundled her to their custody, while my aunties accomplice went on the run, awaiting to be caught.

The End 💥💥

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