My Uncle’s Mirror episode 3


“What made that sound are you okay?”he asked anxiously as he held me trying to calm me down.


He took me to his room and made me sat on his bed before sitting close by me.

” You have been spying on the mirror to know what was wrong haven’t you?” He asked with outmost concern.

“Yes sir” I said with tearful eyes as I rest upon his shoulders.

“You know the woman that gave Ellen your cousin sister that mirror was my ex, I thought she got over our brake up since she was married already. She became a friend and I saw nothing wrong in the gift she gave your little sister, not until she turned 4”

He said looking sad, I could see the tears in his eyes as he continued.

“When she turned 4 years she started going out of bed at night to view the mirror and one by one our family relations began to miss, that was why I made that rule actually” he said as tears flow down his chicks.

I also explained to him my own discoveries about the mirror, how my parents told me to make one of his child look at the mirror inorder to brake them out.

My uncle had three children and immediately he called them over, as he brought down the mirror.

He made them look at it one after the other but still nothing happened, we both were confused at how it didn’t work or is it that they were all not my uncle’s biological children.

In broken hearts my uncle took his second and last born to the clinic, just to ensure if they were actually his children . The results came out clean, they were his children.

To find out the full information about how to get them out, I suggested to my uncle for us to spy on Ellen at night, and get full details from my parents.

Sooner it was late in the night and I and my uncle hid behind the dinning table waiting for Ellen. This time she came with one of my uncle’s children, while she was in the body form of my uncle, so the little boy taught it was his daddy.

My uncle couldn’t hold himself and attempt to run towards the direction, but I held him and by mistakenly my uncle hit the chair.

Ellen looked towards our direction and asked her younger brother to go to his room. ” Who is there” she called out with my uncle’s voice.

Me and my uncle silently walked towards the door braking from the dinning area to the kitchen, which we left open before hand as an escape route.

We couldn’t accomplish our mission that night but at least my uncle’s child was saved. That day I told my uncle to stay back while I go find the answer, he wasn’t too sure but let me since I was the only one who has ever gotten close to the mirror asides Ellen.

When it was time I silently took my position and watched her do you practice before the mirror. When she was done and left for bed I took a bold step and looked into the mirror.

After a while the face of my father showed up

“Son what is taking you so long? ” he asked with sadness in his face.

“Dad we have brought all uncle’s children before the mirror and nothing happened, I mean his biological children proved by DNA test” I replied with deep concern and emotional outlook.

My dad sighed and asked me to take view of the mirror that I’ll find my answers . He then despeard and a view showed up on the mirror, I saw………

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