My Uncle’s Mirror episode 2


“No it didn’t but I need someone taller to come help me put it back, before daddy sees it” I lied to her.

I stood back as I watch her take a view of herself in the mirror ……

She observed herself in the mirror for a while and hanged it back with out anything happening. I was so shocked as it proves she is not my uncle’s biological child.

During breakfast I asked my uncle if they knew where my brother was but he lied……. later that day we went to give report to the police.

I knew everything was in vain, but the seriousness of my uncle to search for my brother was what kept me in awe.

The next night I stood by the kitchen to view my uncle do his usual. But this time to my greatest surprise my uncle didn’t come out, it was his first daughter that came out to the mirror.

I stood by watching as she transformed into my uncle and began viewing the mirror. I sneakily went to my uncle’s room, to confirm if he was in and truly my uncle was sleeping with his wife in peace.

I began to suspect what was wrong in the house because the rule was never to touch the mirror by my uncle and not his daughter.

The next morning in the dinning table while we were eating I stylishly asked;

Uncle why is it that you put the law that no one should touch nor view the leaving room mirror ?”.

” Ooh that’s because on the day we birthed your cousin sister my very own first daughter. A lady saw her and loved her beauty, so she bought the mirror as a gift for her, representing perfect beauty ” he said smiling and held my hand and said
“Don’t worry we will find your brother”

As we left the dinning room to my room I started hearing a voice screaming and laughing

” stop searching for me …… your not my target I will kill and destroy you ” the voice repeatedly sang.

I ran out of the room, on opening the door I saw my uncle rushing in.

“What made that sound are you okay?”he asked anxiously as he held me trying to calm me down.


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