My two Wives are in Love with each other episode 10

My Two Wives Are In Love With Each Other

Episode 10

Charles wasn’t too surprised cause he suspected the closeness. He stood still in their very before and was glancing at them. Cynthia was so scared and her whole body was shaking. Chioma was busy looking back at Charles like nothing bad has happened.

Charles, dropped his bag, remove his wrist watch and took off his shirt and shoe. He climbed on the bed and went under the duvet. Chioma sensed he wants to take turns on them she quickly came d0wn from the bed put on her clothes and hissed and left the room.

Charles made it 0n top of Cynthia. Insertted it inside of her with0ut romance. He m0ved in and out of Cynthia. It was a rough ride 0n top of Cynthia, she started feeling pain.
Charles, please stop!
Stop! Please stop
You are hurting me! Cynthia cried out but Charles enjoys the cry and still bounce in and out of Cynthia but harder than before this time. He immediately cuums and falls on the bed and slept as usual.

Cynthia went to the bathroom and had her bath and went to the parlor to be with Chioma cause she knows that was where Chioma would be.

Charles r@péd me. Cynthia told Chioma

Tell me about it. Chioma asked Cynthia

I was r@péd by him the way street rápists defile women. He held me with his two hands and he was hitting it harder on me. His Dîck nearly touched my throat but thank God he came and slept off.

Wait, Cynthia, you said Charles rapéd you.
You talk as if you and Charles don’t make lóvé. I mean that’s how Charles enjoys love máking. He likes it hard and r0ugh. If you want to take him to cloud nine just cry and beg him to stop. You have gotten him. That’s when he enjoys it most and then cuums. Chioma explains to Cynthia

Cynthia dried her tears with each of her fingers. Are you saying that’s how you have been making love with Charles all these years you are married him? Cynthia asked

Why are you sounding like it is strange to you? Chioma asked Cynthia again surprisingly.

Of course, I’m just hearing and witnessing it for the first time. I’ve been making slow love with Charles even before I married him. Cynthia told Chioma
And Chioma opens her mouth a bit without realizing it was open.

Of all the years I dated and married Charles, that has been his pattern of love màking. Chioma said

Hmmm, so do you enjoy it like that too? Cynthia asked.

Yes… No! Chioma laughs. Well, I can’t just say but I was told that the swe£tness of séx is s@tisfying your partner. Chioma answered.

You were told that the sweetness of s£éx is satisfying your partner by Charles or by who? Who told you that? So, does the so-called partner satisfies you too??? Wait, is Charles the only man you have known in your life? Cynthia asked Chioma

Yes, why did you ask?

Nothing, nothing at all but listen to me, séx is meant to be enjoyed by both partners, not the other way around. You are meant to s@tisfy your man and your man must make sure he s@tisfies you well. Erase that mindset that you are the one to satisfy him. Did you satisfy him and I’m here? I don’t want to go far but change that mindset…
What is that look on your face? Cynthia continues asking. No, darling, you don’t have to feel bad I’m here for you. She brushes Chioma’s hair with her fingers.

Chioma has suddenly developed this feeling of getting wét for Cynthia if she looks straight into her eye.

Cynthia always understands every move and looks. She slowly moved closer to Chioma to give her a quick kîss. But immediately her lips touched Chioma’s. Her wh0le body started dancing and they b0th started kissing passionately as if their life depended on it.

Babe, get hold of yourself
Stop, stop we will get caught again. Cynthia told Chioma but Chioma who is still acting like Oliver Twist wants some more. Cynthia hugged her so tight and gave her a peck on her forehead and left Chioma with her h0rny self.

Charles woke up and headed to the bathroom to freshen up.
He was done and came out of the bathroom with a white towel he tied around his waist and went straight to the standing mirror in their living room. He untied the towel as he stood in front of the mirror.

What exactly did Chioma and Cynthia want? Charles asked himself as he stands before the mirror and was looking at the warrior in between his legs. I know I sabi do, I also get am. What else God? why my two wives God! Why me? Does an ordinary finger better than what I have? Charles has never been heartbroken like this.

To be continued…

Story by Amaka Ember

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