My StepMother’s Daughter

A Very Short Story😢

I don’t like my step mom.

From the first day she visited the house, I have always despised her.

What beats my imagination was how she was able to get my dad to marry her barely a year after mom passed on, considering the fact that he has always been a busy man.

“Daddy we don’t need a new mother”. I had said to him the night he called us to talk about his intention of getting married again to Aunt Linda.

“Diamond, speak for yourself. Daddy, we need a new mother, I’m tired of eating noodles every day”. That was Jboy, my immediate elder brother, speaking.

Jboy and I were the only ones at home that period as our two eldest were in boarding schools.

I believe they were going to support me in the fight against getting a step mom but I was disappointed the time they came home for the mid term break and was clustering around her like flies each time she visited.

This boys are making me look wicked. I thought.

Two months later, dad eventually married her and she started living full time in our house.

“That woman married my dad for his money”. I would always tell my friends.

Initially, I don’t eat her food. I make whatever I wanted to eat by myself. But after the night, I put noodles on fire and slept off in the parlour, daddy banned me from cooking in his kitchen.

“You almost burnt down my house”.He shouted

A year after, she was delivered of a baby girl.

“You should be happy, Diamond. You now have a sister”. One of my friends was saying when I broke the news to them.

“A daughter of a witch can never be my sister”. I had said to them.

As the baby was growing, my hatred for her and her mother was also growing. To make matters worse, all the attentions I was getting as the last child and the only daughter of the family was shifted to her.

That’s not fair, I have always been the most adored in the house.

Daddy buys her clothes every time he travelled out of town and Jboy would take money from his savings to buy her some snacks on our way back from schools everyday.

Before the arrival of this new baby, any edible thing I find in the fridge used to be mine, no matter who dropped it there. But after she was born, the narrative changed. I kept hearing words like👇

Hey!, who drank Amanda’s juice?, that ice cream was for Amanda, why did you take it?, do you not know it’s for the baby?, Amanda this, Amanda that. It’s so annoying.

“Brother, why are you all worshipping this Amanda?, is she a goddess or something?”.I was forced to ask Jboy one afternoon.

“Because she is our little princess?”. He answered.

His response got me more upset.

“Then, what am I?”.I asked, angrily.

“Wait, don’t tell me you’re jealous of that little baby oo”. He asked.

“Jealous?, why will I be jealous of her?, I’m only worried that since she was born into this family, no one cares about me any longer”. I complained.

He laughed.

“Do you think you’re still a baby?, you will be 15 by month end, you’re thirteen years older than that girl, she is not your mate”. He warned.

Amanda kept getting on my nerves and I always avoid her by shutting myself inside my room any time she is in the house, but somehow, she still managed to enter my room one evening while I was in the kitchen dishing food for myself, and emptied a bottle of coke on top my assignment book.

This baby is crazy!

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