My Stepmother’s Daughter episode 2

Episode 2

A very Short Story 😢

That evening, I was in my room, doing my assignment over a bottle of coke When I felt like having something. Since I have been banned from taking snacks, I left for the kitchen to get some food, placing the bottle on the table beside the book. I forgot to close my door as usual.

By the time I came back, Amanda was sitting under the table, holding the empty bottle in her hand.

I stood transfixed at the door, watching her, playfully waving the can at me. Did she finish the drink all of a sudden?. I wondered

“How did you get in here?”. I asked.

And of course, she didn’t answer.

I walked into the room with the intention of dragging her out with one hand, before the mischief she had committed caught my attention.

The liquid was dropping from the table and flowing down to my school bag, lying at the foot of my bed. I removed the bag from the way instantly. Then, checked my book… it’s been thoroughly soaked.

I screamed.

Her mother came running into the room.

“What is it, Diamond?”. She asked, concerned.

“Have you not seen what this your baby did to my book?”. I cried.

She took a look at the book and frowned.

“Amanda, why did you do that to your sister’s book?”. She asked.

“Point of correction, I am not her sister, do I need to keep repeating this here?”. I was breathing fast.

“Oh!, I’m sorry. Please, forgive her, she is only a baby”. She said, and left the room, dragging Amanda with her.

She is only a baby…. she is only a baby. That is all I keep hearing everyday. The other day was throwing my school bag downstairs through the balcony and today is pouring coke on my assignment book….who knows what tomorrow would be?.

I won’t let this lie. I will make sure I teach her a lesson she will never forget. I said to myself.

So later that, night, while her mom was upstairs,in her room, and my brothers were engrossed in their video games, I carried Amanda who was walking up and down behind them, and snuck her out of the house.

I dropped her outside by the door step and locked her out. Then I went and sat with my brothers in the living room, awaiting the search.

Aunt Linda came down much later after she was done with whatever she was doing in her room. She sat on a different couch and looked around.

“Where is Amanda?. She asked my brothers. Of course, none of them responded, they were so engulfed in their video game.
…… where is Amanda?”. She repeated, louder this time.

They paused their game and looked around.

“She was here some minutes ago… Diamond, did you not see her?”. Junior asked.

“Nope”. I shook my head.

“Where did you leave her?”. Senior asked Jboy.

Jboy stood up and went into the kitchen only to come back some minutes later with no positive news.

“She was right here”. Junior was still saying.

“Please, go upstairs and look for her, that girl doesn’t stay at a place”. Aunt Linda was saying

Gradually, the search was becoming serious as everyone joined, except me.

Aunt Linda was running up and down, screaming like a mad woman.

“Did you check the fridge?, what about the wardrobe?. She kept asking the boys.

Nobody bothered to check outside for one thing, the door was locked already and everyone knows that Amanda couldn’t had opened it.

After sometimes, we heard a heavy banging on the door.

Senior rushed to open it and that was when I got up from my chair.

It was aunt Veronica, the wife of our security man.

“Why una leave only pikin outside?”.she quarrelled as soon as the door was opened.

“Where is she?”. Aunt Linda screamed from the dining.

“Come and see your pikin. aunt Vero said, leading the way to the gate. We all followed from behind.
….una get luck this night”. She was saying.

When we got to the gate, we saw Amanda lying motionless and without her clothes on at the security man’s lap who was sitting on the bare ground. He seemed to be pressing her on the tummy.

“What happened to my daughter?”. Aunt Linda cried, kneeling on the ground beside where the man sat.

“This pikin don almost drowned oo. He said.
…As I dey go get water from backyard, I come hear something fall inside water. I flashed light for the water na him I see this pikin, dey struggle inside”.

My heart was p******g heavily. I brought Amanda outside but I never meant any harm. I only wanted to punish her for what she did to me. I didn’t know she will go near the pool.

“How did this girl come outside”. My brothers kept asking amongst themselves.

Just then, she sneezed.

“Thank God”. Everyone chorused.

“Make una dey dey careful”. The man advised, handing her over to aunt Linda.

Aunt Linda thanked her and we all went back to the house, with Amanda crying uncontrollably.

As soon as we got in, I went straight to my room and locked myself in.

I took a deep breath, before slumping on the bed.

I almost committed murder tonight….

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