My Sister’s Friend ๐Ÿ”ž




It was a cold evening in Kumba where I lived. I was lying in my bed thinking of my just ended relationship. Five years of risk, emotions, money, everything wasted. I was listening to Westlife’s “Unbreakable”. The song put me in a terrible mood. However, I didn’t have the energy to turn down the volume. I had not eaten all day. I was hungry but didn’t feel as to eat. I was brought out of my reverie when my phone rang. I checked who was calling. It was Elsie, my younger sister’s beautiful best friend. I answered the call.

“Dan, are you home?” she asked.

“I am home.” I answered.

“I am coming”. She said

“Ok” I said after a slight pause.

This was the fourth visit she was making to my house in as many months. Last time, she slept over and things almost happened. However, I was in a serious relationship then and decided to be a good boy. Now I am single again. Will I be able to resist her?

Elsie was beautiful. However, she was slightly handicapped. She had been born normal but the witches and wizards in her village destroyed her legs when she was just a few months old. Her parents hadn’t given up on her. They had taken her to different hospitals to salvage the situation. They took her to churches and witch doctors to no avail. Finally she was taken to a specialist who had just moved into the country from Spain. After five painful surgeries, she regained partial use of both legs. She could now walk upright though with a limp.

Of all the beautiful girls that I had at my disposal, of all the beautiful friends my younger sister had, I ended up having an affair with Elsie. I felt pity for her because of her situation. This pity was now slowly turning into something I couldn’t control.

I heard the sound of a motorbike and went out to look. It was her. She smiled when our eyes met. She got off the bike carefully and paid her fare. I moved towards her as the commercial motorbike sped off. She had a crutch with her. She limped slowly towards me and we met in a tight embrace. We had embraced many times but this one felt quite different.

“Welcome my dear” I said as I looked into her eyes.

“Thanks sweetheart” She said. “Please carry me. You know it has rained and the ground is slippery. I don’t want to fall”.

“Are you sure it is a good idea carrying you?” I asked playfully.

“Of course” she said, laughing. “Or am I heavier than some of those your girls?”

“I don’t have any now. I am sorry to disappoint you” I told her.

She was in my arms now and I was moving back to my house. Carrying her in my arms meant I had to pass a hand around her soft bottom. It also meant bringing her face close to me. God, she was beautiful. She had brown eyes that always looked teary even in darkness; soft curly hair. I had a lot of bad thoughts running in my mind.

We had reached my verandah now. As I tried to climb onto the verandah, I missed my footing and we both fell. I was on her when we reached the ground.

“Get up!!” She said and gave me a playful little spank on my jaw. “Bad boy, I am sure u did this deliberately.”

“I didn’t. You know the ground is slippery” I said laughing. I carried her again and we moved in to the house. I laid her on the bed and shut the door because it was threatening to rain again. She rolled to the end of the bed to create space for me. I switched on my Cathode Ray TV and joined her in bed. It was about 5 PM in the evening and since it was a rainy day, I was hoping she would spend the night.

“Are you staying the night?” I asked, my heart beating fast, hoping she would say yes.

“No, I will be leaving soon. I just came to see you. I will be leaving for Buea today.” She explained

I felt a bit disappointed but didn’t show it. I stayed silent for a while. She noticed I wasn’t too happy and turned to look at me. I felt like her large brown eyes were boring holes into mine. I felt a hardening around my gr0in. In spite of her physical disability, the way she was put together could make any right thinking man give his entire salary to her. She had big b0obs which came down to a slender waist, then round butt0cks โ€“ a feast.

She seemed to have noticed I had gotten harder. She reached out boldly and held my d1ck. It almost drove me crazy. I pulled her towards me and our m0uths met in a kiss. Her t0ngue was soft and tasted like lilies. We kissed slowly at first then intensively. I got myself 0n her as she made s0ft noises that drove me crazy. I removed her bl0use and saw two firm m0unds looking at me invitingly. I pulled her br@ away and tongued her left bre@st slowly. She arched her back in pleasure and moved her waist as if I was alre@dy inside her. I moved my attention to the other bre@st and did the same thing. When I tried to take off her skirt, she held my hand.

“Are you going to make l0ve to me?” She asked

“I am”

ยญ”Are you sure we are doing the right thing?

“Let’s worry about that later baby. We are both adults. We can handle that later” I convinced her.

“Ok. I love you Dan. Do you?”

“Of course I love you too”. Who would say otherwise in a situation like that?

I took off her p@nties slowly. Spre@d her legs while ignoring all the surgical marks. I got a c0ndom I had hidden under the pillow and put on. She closed her eyes as she waited for the entry.

It was 7 PM now. Her brother had been calling all through the act. She couldn’t bear not picking her brother’s call again. She picked and told him she’d be on her way soon. We dressed up and I took her to the road where she got a passing cab and headed for Fiango where her brother lived. That was the last I saw of her for one week.


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