My Sister’s Friend episode 7




It had been a week now and I hadn’t heard from Elsie. Each time I had tried to call her, she had dropped the call. I couldn’t tell what was going on in her mind.

Two weeks gone, no contact. Then one evening as I was preparing to go hangout with some friends, my phone rang. I checked and saw it was her. I quickly picked.



“I am in Kumba”

“Wow! That’s good. Are you coming to the house? I asked.

” No, I want you to pack my things and send them to me”.

“So it has gotten to the level where you will come to town and don’t visit me?” I asked.

” I don’t just want trouble. Pack my things and send; especially my panties. ”

” If you are not coming to get them yourself, then forget it. I will not be bringing them.” I threatened.

She wasn’t moved.

” Ok, you can burn them. I don’t want another woman to come and do something mysterious to them. ” She said.

” Alright, so be it” I said and dropped.

I waited for about thirty minutes, hoping she would call back. She didn’t. I called back. She picked.

“Tell me where you are.” I said.

“Meet me somewhere opposite Abima Snack Bar. There is a shoe mender opposite. I will be there waiting for you. ” She directed.

Twenty minutes later, after haven bathed and smelling quite good, I went to Abima to see her. She was with her younger sister. She had often told me about that sister of hers. She was extremely beautiful.

Unlike her previous violent responses on the phone, she was very calm; almost shy. She couldn’t even look at me. I gave her clothes and then offered to buy them lunch. She and her sister. We talked while we ate.

“You have left my sister, right?” It was her sister asking.

” No, she left me instead. Ask her, she’s right here. ”

She refused to say anything when she was asked. So I continued.

“I really loved your sister. I still do. But she had been cheating on me, sending nudes to boys. What was I supposed to do? ” I asked.

At this point, Elsie was gravely annoyed because of my accusations.

“I wasn’t cheating on you, ok?” She said, angrily. ” It was just a social network thing. ”

” But you were planning on sleeping with one of these guys when he comes into the country this December.” I reminded her.

She looked at me with her large, brown, teary eyes and shook her head as if she was frustrated with me.

“Just do whatever you want, ok?” She breathed. “I know you have always been looking for a way to break up with me. You have your opportunity now. Take it and let me be.”

Her sister smiled, then she spoke.

“You guys look good together. Please you guys should work things out and make up. ” She advised.

We promised we would, but as we looked into each other’s eyes, we knew it was over. They had finished eating. I bought them drinks. As they say sat there drinking, I looked at them. Two beautiful women, two fine species of the female gender; almost identical in looks. However, nothing lasts forever.

I paid for the lunch and escorted them out of the premises and then told them I would be leaving. Her sister walked up to me and said she would like to visit me, if I am ok with that. I said it was ok.

When I got home, my phone rang. It was Elsie.

“How may I be of help to you?” I asked.

“My sister has just told me that she plans to visit you. ” She said.

” Yes, what’s wrong with that? ”

” I don’t want it. ”

” What don’t you want? ” I was puzzled by her tone.

” I don’t want her visiting you, Playboy. What do you want from us? Do you want to date my sister too? ”

She sounded really angry and worked up.

” Look here Elsie, I am a bad boy – granted. But dating two sisters…no I cannot go to that level. ” I explained.

” Sorry to say this, but my sister has dated my boyfriend before. Three different times actually. So I know what could happen if she visits you.”

” Well, if you sister is a whore, I am not. I can’t date your sister. Know that now and stop bothering me. ”

I dropped the call and sat on the bed, fuming. After haven drunk a glass of cold wine, I felt better and logged on to Whatsapp. I wanted to talk to her sister against her visiting me. I didn’t want trouble. I didn’t know she was the one using her sister’s account. As soon as I texted. She replied violently. This is what she wrote:

“I advise you never to date my sister. If you dare, and I repeat if you dare, the calamities that will befall you will be too much for you to carry. I know that my sister is cheap and will readily fall for you. She has done it before, so the burden is now on you. If you give in, then be prepared for Armageddon. Bad boy! ”

I didn’t reply. That was the last time we talked to each other. It’s been five years now.


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