My Sister’s Friend episode 6



She walked in and sat on the bed but I pretended not to notice her. I concentrated on the TV like there was nobody at home with me. She got up from the bed and stood in front of the TV. I actually knew what she came to do. This was not her first visit to my room. Besides, I was living in a “face me I face you” apartment at that time. I knew what most of the girls who live there do.

My door was wide opened and so were my windows. It was not a very big room hence the door was pretty close to bed. From where I was sitting I stretched my right leg and pushed the door. It shut. The window was still open. However, thanks to the drapes someone couldn’t see inside. Her elder sister was discussing with a neighbour in the next room so closing the window would have been suspicious.

I pulled her from where she was standing and brought her to the window. I slowly pulled her mini skirt down, exposing her clean white cotton pant. It was a real panty, not the time of catapult most girls wear these days in the name of string. I pulled that off too. She was a real woman, with all the fixings. She was positioned in such a way that she could see through the window. From her elder sister’s voice in the next room, we could judge if she was coming towards our direction or not.

With her back facing me, I came in through the back door; slowly at first and then hard. The feeling was ecstatic. It was a quickie so it finished as soon as it started. She quickly dressed up and left. No one in the compound had taken note of what had just happened.
I went to the bathroom to freshen up but was interrupted by my phone buzzing. I picked the call and it was Elsie.

“Good evening sweetheart”

“Good evening”

“So can you now tell me what was troubling you?” she asked.

“Yes. I was going through your messages and I now know all the games you have been playing.” I informed her.

Normally, I was hoping she was going to be shocked and remorseful. However, she was shocked but not remorseful.

“Why did you have to go to my account without my consent?” she asked, furiously.

“You are reacting like this because you have things to hide” I countered.

“Whatever the case, a woman’s privacy is a woman’s privacy. You have no right whatsoever to do what you just did.” She was very angry now.

“Why are you angrier than me?” I asked, puzzled. “Under normal circumstances, I am the one who should be angry and definitely not you.”

“I don’t care.” She shouted.

“So you are telling me that sending your nuudes to a boy is a good thing?” I asked, getting angry too.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s my privacy.” She was adamant. “Do I have access to your account?” she continued. “Do I know the things I will find there if I have access?”

I had now concluded that she wasn’t remorseful about anything. I therefore, decided to take her head on.

“You are such a cheap whor€, you know that?” I asked.

“Call me whatever you like.” She retorted. “I know you never loved me. You just used me. You just wanted a piece of my a$$ and you have succeeded. I knew this relationship was never going to work. I knew you were a bad boy”

“So you knew I was a bad boy and you still came and offered it to me willingly?” I asked, laughing.

“You will pay for what you have done.” She threatened.

“But I haven’t done anything worth paying for.” I reminded her.

She dropped the call but I knew that was not the end. With women, you never can be sure.
I received a notification on Whatsapp and it was her sister. She had sent me a message, insulting and threatening me. This is what she sent.

‘You think you are tough, right? You used my sister and now you want to dump her. You think you will go free? I promise you that you have not heard the last from us. She was so happy when she met you. She had never been so happy; and we were all so happy with her. She had suffered a lot in this relationship issue; had many heart breaks. Just when we thought everything will be alright, she is heartbroken again. You will hear from me. Please don’t even bother to reply this message because I am blocking you right away’

The thing had suddenly become a family issue. I dropped my phone on the bed and stood thinking. All I wanted was an explanation and she had instead broken up with me.

I dialed her number and she refused to pick. I dialed her sister’s number and the call met the same fate. I finally concluded the relationship was over and I had to move on. However, her clothes were still in my house. She normally had to take them. I was waiting for the day she would call to come get her clothes and I knew it wouldn’t be long from now. I went back into the bath to freshen up.


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