My Sister’s Friend episode 5



She gave me her passwords and I logged on to both of her accounts. I made the necessary corrections she wanted and logged off.

She was supposed to leave and go back to Buea that evening, so we had to do some catching up. Remember we had ignored each other the previous night.

She was just from the bath. It was about 5:00 PM, two hours before she was scheduled to leave. She was in the bedroom, applying lotion to her body when I showed up from behind. I started kissing the back of her neck softly. She stopped doing what she was doing and turned around to comply. When she did this, she missed her footing and fell on the bed. Remember her legs were not to good.

I got on top of her and started kissing her legs. I ran my tongue from her feet right up to her pu##y. She did and said crazy things while I did this. The taste of the lotion she had just applied was in my mouth but I ignored it.

When I got to her pus#¥, I stayed there for a while and did crazy things. She held my head tight and scattered my hair. She screamed so loud that I stopped for a while, went to the speaker and turned on the volume. I was very sure my neighbours were listening in on me.

When I got back to the bed, she got up and pulled off my boxers. My LGA came out hard and strong. She took it by her hand and gave me a good s#cking. It had been a while since I had received such. Her tongue was so soft I thought they were made of cotton.

I got on to her and she gave out a loud gasp as I entered. It was hard, very hard and lasted for about an hour. Then we both shuddered and relaxed. She got dressed and I went to bath. When I got back I asked,

“Do you really want to leave today, my love?”

” Yes, I want to sweetheart” she answered, smiling.

“I will miss you” I said sincerely

“Me too baby” she responded

“Ok, I am going to give you 10k, hope that will be enough for you?” I asked.

” You don’t need to give me money. Remember you gave me 15k just last week” She reminded me.

” Ok, good girl” I joked. ” Thanks for being considerate.”

“Love you baby”

“Love you too honey”

Soon her bags were packed. Together we moved to the side of the road where she stopped a passing taxi, kissed me, boarded it and left. I stood for a while and waited until the taxi was out of sight, then I went back to the house.

The smell of her perfume was still fresh in the room and I felt like she was still there. I turned on the TV and fixed the scattered bed. I was about to put my laptop into it’s bag when I remembered she had given me her passwords. I sat on the bed, turned on my laptop and logged into her first account. I went through her chats slowly and saw terrible things.

In the first message I read, she was chatting with a guy in Denmark and promising to have s£x with him when he comes into the country that December. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

In the second message, she was planning to meet with one of my friends. In the message, she was telling the friend that she doesn’t have anything to do with me and that even if she has, I am not a serious person.

In the third message, a guy had asked for her nuudes. She had sent him a n***d picture and the guy was busily appreciating her body. They were also planning to meet later to have s£x.

I sat there wondering what to make of all these. She had so far passed for an extremely nice, decent, honest and caring girl. However, the chats in her inbox were telling me otherwise.

I logged out of her account and put the laptop in it’s bag. I took a glass of water to calm my nerves, then I dialed her number. She picked after three rings.

“Hi baby” she said excitedly. “I am in a bus now.”

“Ok, let me know as soon as you arrive.” I said in a serious tone.

” Ok baby, but you don’t sound too happy. Are you alright?” She enquired.

” I am Ok” I lied.

” Ok then, when I get home, we will talk.”

I dropped the call and sat on the bed watching TV. My phone rang and as was as expected it was Meg. I didn’t pick. Then someone pushed the door and walked in. It was my neighbour’s younger sister who had just moved into town. She was wearing a very short skirt and a handless top. She rolled her tongue on her lips as she walked in.


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