My Sister’s Friend episode 4



The smell of s£x was in the air. So, I opened the drapes to let in fresh air just as my friend walked in. He looked around the room and looked at me suspiciously.

“This man, you were doing something.” He said.

“What about it?” I asked. “Next time, never you interrupt me when I am trying to entertain a lady friend,” I warned him, jokingly.

“Get out!! I came so that we should watch ‘State of The Race’ on CNN.” He told me.

“Ok Bro, please turn on the TV while I freshen up.”

Exactly an hour later, my friend left. I was getting ready for bed when my phone rang. It was Elsie. She told me she was coming that weekend. I told her not to forget my sausages. She said she would bring it. We talked for a while and I said goodbye and went to bed.

On Thursday evening Elsie called me again to remind me of her coming. We talked for a while. I can’t exactly remember what happened but we had our first quarrel. It was very heated. It was so heated that I thought she wasn’t going to come again. On Friday again, she called me and we quarreled for about an hour. I went to sleep vexed. I had already ruled out her coming. However, at about 10 PM, I heard a knock on the door. I opened and there she was, looking beautiful.

I stepped aside as she walked in. She gave me my sausages and I put them in the fridge. No one spoke to the other. She went to the bath and freshened up. When she got back, she applied a nice scented roll-on, wore a pair of very short jeans and went to her normal position, the back of the bed. I wanted to touch her but pride won’t let me. I ignored her and watched TV till about 11:30 PM. I was drifting to sleep when I heard a loud knock on the door. I refused to answer then I heard a voice I knew very well calling me. It was Meg.

Elsie attempted to go and open the door but I pulled her back roughly.

“Why don’t you want to open the door?” She whispered conscious of the fact that I didn’t want Meg to know I was at home.

“Mind your own business”. I whispered back, rudely.

Meg knocked for about 20 minutes and stopped. She pretended as if she had gone so I could make a sound and she would know I am home. But I was wiser than her. I stayed quiet. There was a boring program going on on TV. However, I couldn’t change it. The TV was loud. Changing it would have alerted her that I was home. I was forced to keep watching a program I never dreamt of watching before.

Ten minutes later, the knocking resumed. I refused to open. Elsie couldn’t believe her eyes. She was looking at me straight in my eyes. Meg stopped knocking again; this time for good. I waited for about 45 minutes to make sure she was really gone. When I was sure, I turned off the TV and went to sleep, turning my back to Elsie.

It was morning now. We were both awake. Elsie was cleaning up and preparing breakfast while I went to talk to a neighbour. I happened to look towards a footpath that led into our compound and guess what? I saw Meg. She was coming again. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Why does this girl like coming without calling? I quickly left my neighbour and went to meet her. I didn’t want her to reach my house. Elsie was home. He legs are not too good. If a fight should ensue she would be at the disadvantaged end.

“Why are you stopping me form going to your house?” Meg asked as I halted her advancement.

“There’s a lady at my house. My girlfriend, the one I told you about”

“So how is that my business? Please just step aside if you don’t want trouble this morning.” She threatened. I didn’t budge.

“I am sorry, Meg. I can’t let you go. She isn’t feeling too good. I don’t want a fight.” I explained.

“So you are choosing another girl over me, right?” She accused.

“You have to understand, please. It’s a situation I can’t help.” I begged.

She became very angry and rained insults on me. She asked me to go into my house and bring out whatever belongs to her. She threatened never to come to my house. Five minutes later, she left angrily. I went back home to see Elsie and she asked me what was the matter. I told her it was the same lady who was knocking last night. I told her it was not a big deal.

Breakfast was ready now. We ate silently. After we had finished eating we started talking.

“You were not happy to see me yesterday, right?”

“Don’t talk like that, please. I am always happy to see you.” I assured her.

“Then, why were you shouting at me on the phone?”

“I was just missing you, I wasn’t really angry,” I told her.

“Wicked boy, God will forgive you.” She said in mock reproach.

I let out a guffaw and she soon joined me.

“I want you to help me change the setting of my two Facebook accounts. It looks like my phone number is visible to all my contacts. Can you help me?” She asked.

“Yes, I can. I will use my laptop to change the settings. It will be easier that way. In that case, I will need your passwords.” I informed her.

She gladly gave me her password, a mistake she has regretted to this day. Having access to her two Facebook accounts opened a can of worms and a barrel of snakes. I came to know a lot about her and that was the beginning of the end of our relationship.


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