My Sister’s Friend episode 2



Late that night Elsie called me that she was in Buea already. I was happy she had arrived safely. She sounded very excited on phone and I could understand why. A friend of mine had once told me that a woman can do anything for good s£x. I am sure that was the cause of her excitement.

“Dan baby” She said just when I was about to end the call. It was late already and I had to go to bed. DAN BABY. I repeated that in my mind a couple of times. Wasn’t it too early to start calling me baby? We have had s*x, yes but I didn’t think I was ready for another full time relationship yet.

“Yes baby” I answered. The words sounded like sand in my mouth, but I was left with no option.

“My sister wants to talk to you.”

“Which of your sisters?”


“Ok, let her talk to me.” I replied

“Please go to IMO. She’ll like to see the person she’s talking to.”

I smelled trouble coming in no distant time. I turned on my WiFi box and logged in to IMO. A few minutes later I was talking to her sister.

“I am happy you have made my sister so happy.” Her sister began.

“Anyone can do anything for your sister. She’s beautiful”

“I know, but the way she feels today, I can’t understand.”

“It’s the s£x.” I said and regretted saying that. However, it had already come out and I had to follow through.

“What? S£x? Bad boy.” She laughed out loud. Anyway talk to her. I just wanted to know who’s been making my sister so happy.”

“It was a pleasure talking to you. Bye.”


Elsie took her phone and continued the conversation.
“I miss you already”

“Me too, baby”

“When are you coming to Buea to see me?” She asked. “I miss my dickson so much”

“I think next time I will cut it and give it to you.”

We both laughed
“What have you eaten today?” She asked.


“Please be serious for once.”


“Wow, that is delicious.” She said. “Is that your favourite?”

“Yeah. It is”

“So I will cook it for you next time we are together, right?”

“Left” I answered and burst out laughing. She laughed too.

One thing about me is that I have a way with words. Many ladies like this aspect about me. Elsie from every indication was a charming conversationalist, that’s why she was bringing the best out of me.

“I am going to bathe now.” I told her suddenly.
“It’s really hot here.”

“Ok, make sure to wash it very well for me.” She joked.

“Wash what?” I asked, feigning innocence.

“My dickson of course, what else?”

“Bad girl” I said. We laughed again.

An hour later, IMO call finished, I was watching CNN while tucked comfortably in bed. My phone rang. I reached out to it and realized it was Meg, a girl I had met on Facebook. I dropped the call. She called again and I decided to pick.

“Good evening. Are you at home”? She asked.

“How come you are calling at this time?” I asked. Her voice sounded like she had been drinking.

“I am around your neighborhood, drinking with some friends. It’s late now and I can’t go home. Can I stay the night at your place?”

I would have loved to say yes. However Elsie was still fresh in my memory. So I said no. She dropped the call angrily.

The first meeting between Meg and I was still fresh in my memory. After we exchanged numbers on Facebook, she called me the very next day and requested a meeting. I took her to my home later that evening and we had harsh s€x. She had energy and could last forever. She screamed so loud that my neighbors taught we were actually fighting.

However, I discovered by mistake, that she was married. I stopped seeing her since that day. She still wanted me though but I had made up my mind not to do adultry.

I went back to watching CNN and fell asleep in the process. My sleep that night we was a dreamless one. When I woke up early in the morning, I checked to see if I had any new messages. I had one from WhatsApp. I opened it and it was a picture of Elsie. She was half n***d with her bwests fully exposed. What a way to start the day, I thought.


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