My Sister in law and I Episode 2



On my hubby’s arrival, he was fed a meal made by his sister as usual. He had his bath and sat down to relax. He asked after his kids and my welfare.

I moved closer to him to respond and explain my woes. But yours sincerely already knew my plans and refused me sitting close to him. She sent me on ridiculous errands and gave him another version of what transpired painting me black in the process.

He wasn’t angry but neither was he cheerful his countenance had changed. I didn’t know what she told him but the laughter he came home with wasn’t there anymore. He played with his kids and retired for the night.

Once again I didn’t get the chance to say anything. But I was determined to explain myself come what may. I woke him up in the middle of the night as that was the only chance i will get.

I explain everything that has been happening since he left and the fact I wasn’t given any breathing space nor allowed to cook or do alot of things which I should be doing ordinarily. He heaved a sigh and appologised on her behalf and promised to set her straight.

He did try but it only lasted for a few days and she become worse than she was before. This time around her jealousy and covetousness heightened, I couldn’t wear any outfit without her getting the same thing or an even better or more expensive one.

She was easily riled up, She just wanted me out of the home. She wants a sophisticated woman for her hubby. A more educated woman, she herself just had a diploma in slt. She wasn’t any better than me. I could command better English than her. She just had more experience in the rich world than me.

My hubby loves flashy things, if he got some for me without getting any for her, she would get angry and keep malice with him for days. Only on such days do I get to take care of the kids and my hubby. But she quickly snaps out of her frustration once she notices that the kids were loving me and her brother enjoying my company.

Going back home was not an option as my hubby has never insulted, belittled, nor given me any reason to leave. She was just the one that was making my life a living hell.

Her parents asked her home several times, since her brother now has a wife. She told them I was a small girl and couldn’t be left alone in that house.

Having studied her for a while, the only thing I could deduce was that anybody coming to marry a bread winner, which was their brother wasn’t welcome as they intend to keep the wealth only for the family and any outsider would surely deplete the money faster.

Hence I decided to fight for my home and be myself no more cowering or hiding. First things first,I would take over the cooking and gradually proceed from there.

I am an early riser hence I woke up very early made breakfast, fed the kids and packed their lucnch for school. Dressed them up for school too.

It was a little early though. I just wanted her to know I was capable of taking care of them and the home. But guess what? yours sincerely woke up. Threw all the food I prepared and packed another lunch for the kids. Not that her meals were even tasty.

I was frustrated and marched straight to hubby to inform him of the latest development. He was fed up and begged me to let go as he has plans for her to go back to their parents by month end.

I tried the next day and the same thing happened. I resorted to not making any meals as we were wasting food which was a sin.

I decided to wash and iron my hubby’s clothes but she would snatch them from me and tell me to my face that I am not woman enough to wash her brother’s clothes. Despite her workload, she would create time to wash those clothes and iron them.

I don’t know if it is notice me or suffer head, because everyone needs help once in a while ooo. I decided to forsake her and only wash the plates, pans and pots which I was assigned to. The kids laundry and hers weren’t an exception.

Doing only to those chores upset her because she wanted me angry. But much to her chagrin i wasn’t. I did all my chores with joy. She reported to her mum that I was just spending her brother’s money and doing nothing but pressing my phone.

My mum-in-law called me on phone and asked to see me. I was already scared and anticipating worse treatment from the woman that bore the monster terrorising my life. I was thinking if her daughter was this way then the mum was going to be meaner. But to my greatest surprise I will be meeting a kind and peace loving woman.



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