My Roommate and The Man from the graveyard episode 10


Episode 10

“No! Wait!” I turned to Victoria. “Don’t tell me anything yet” I said and then turned to the ghost man. “Before Victoria tells me what you’re demanding from her, first revive my boyfriend. Undo whatsoever you did to him that made him this way.”

“Okay!.. I will revive your boyfriend” the ghost man said and disappeared. Or should I say he became invisible, then within a minute, Michael sneezed and opened his eyes. I didn’t know what the ghost man did or how he did what he did but I was happy that Michael had been revive. I hugged him quickly.

“Oh babe! I was so scared; I thought I had lost you!” I said.

“What happened to me?” Michael asked. Victoria came and joined me to help Michael get up. We both walked him to the bed and he sat.

“You were talking about a ghost man being in the house” Michael whispered.

“Yes!” I nodded quickly and signaled him to keep quiet.

“Is he still here?” Michael asked.

“Yes!” Victoria and I nodded at the same time.

“He doesn’t want us to talk about him. That’s why he pinned you down immediately Kamsi tried to tell you about him. ” Victoria whispered.

“Let’s get out of here! I’m taking you girls out now!” Michael said and stood up. He held my hand and tried to grab Victoria’s hand but I pulled out my hand.

“Calm down Mike; we can’t just leave. That ghost man may hunt us down. He’s here now!” I whispered.
Just then, the ghost man appeared.

“Your boyfriend is alive now so convince your friend to grant me my request” the ghost man said with a harsh voice and looking fiercely at me.
I quickly turned to Victoria and signaled her to pretend as if she has told me what the ghost man was demanding from her and as if I have convinced her.

“Victoria, grant him what he’s asking of you! Just grant it to him so he can let us go” I said to her. But
Victoria didn’t understand, rather, she glared at me hatefully for a moment.

“If only you know what he’s demanding from me, you won’t say what you’ve said to me now” Victoria said and tears clouded in her eyes.
She stood up angrily and ran towards the sitting room. The ghost man follow her immediately. I presume he was thinking that she was trying to run away. Michael and I also followed her. When we got to the sitting room, we didn’t see the ghost man again, instead, we saw Victoria screaming and trying to resist a force that was trying to drag her up from the floor where she had slumped.

“I don’t want to go! I don’t want to grant you any wish! I won’t grant you any thing, please leave me alone!” Victoria cried. I knew it was the ghost man who made himself invisible and was dragging Victoria, to probably go to the toilet again but there was nothing I could do to help her. There was nothing Michael could do either. I held him back from interfering. I didn’t want the ghost man to repeat what he did to him. So instead of helping Victoria, We just stood and watch her as she kept resisting while the ghost man kept dragging her.

The moment, the ghost man succeded in dragging Victoria to the toilet and we heard the door being locked, Michael held my hand and dragged me to the door. He opened it quickly and we ran outside without the notice of the ghost man and without thinking of saving Victoria. Although my conscience didn’t let me be. It kept worrying me and judging me for leaving Victoria behind. But I had no choice. Michael was the one holding my hand and making me to run with him to where only him and God knows. So I kept running with him.

After about twelve minutes of running to where I don’t know, we finally arrived at a house, with gate. We entered the gate. It was a student lodge. Michael was still holding my hand. He led me straight to one of the room in the lodge and began to bang at the door. A guy open the door. It happened to be one among our coursemate who seem to be a little close to Michael. His name was Temidayo.
He let us in without asking why we had to come to his house at that time and in the manner we had come; a manner that potrays something or someone was after us. As if we were fleeing from affliction or hired assassin or even our own home.
He welcomed us with an open arms and offered his bed as seat for us to relax. He didn’t have a chair though.

“What shall I offer you, Both? I have no water right now, maybe I should go buy some water first” He asked and ran out, leaving Michael and I in his house.

Michael held me tight.

“We are safe now” he whispered in my ears.

I was still scared and breathing heavily. I didn’t believe what Michael said; I didn’t believe that we were safe, yet I nodded my head to affirm Michael’s consolation. I have seen what the ghost man was capable of; how he forcefully drag Victoria several times and as he wants; how he followed her everywhere. I’ve seen how he made Michael become lifeless. He said we should not reveal him to anyone. He could do anything to make sure Michael and I don’t reveal him to anyone as we have run away. Who knows if he had followed us here? What if he finds us? I wondered in my mind.

To be continued…..

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