My Pregnant wife episode 5


I was locked in a cell

Before the officers left, the female officer told me:

“If you have any God you’re serving, begin to pray to him. Your case is more than serious”, she concluded

As she made to leave, I called out:

“Excuse me. What’s your name?”

“Bella. Bella Alphonsus”, she said as she displayed the name on her shirt

“Are you married, Bella?”

“No. but I have a child. A baby girl”

“Bella, my wife is pregnant. I can’t stay here for up to six months. She’s a woman like you. You’ve been there before. My lawyer’s number is in your phone. Please call him for me tomorrow morning. In case that lady calls, please let me speak with her.”

“No problem”, she assured and made to leave

“Bella”, I called back

“If you can’t get any of them on phone, then by tomorrow morning, you’ll have to go to my house at No 242A Oron Road, Uyo. Tell my wife that I was arrested and bring her here. But most importantly, please bring my phone.”

She did not respond

I saw sadness in her eyes

She returned to her duty post with her colleagues

I was left alone

My heart beat increased

I began to sweat

I knelt down and began to pray

I prayed for my wife and my unborn baby

I knew my wife was worried

I increased the tempo

I prayed for strength to endure what was to come

For more than an hour was still praying

Two hours later, she returned

I was glad that at least she had reached one person

But no, I was wrong

She came to break a news to me

A bombshell

“The woman is dead”, she said

“Which woman?”

“The one you helped to the hospital. The wife of the AIG”, she answered

I froze

Everything in me stopped

The blood in me dried up

My heart beat ceased

My wet eyes dried up

As if that was not enough, she added:

“The IG has ordered that you be transferred to the Force Headquarters, Abuja, first thing tomorrow morning. At this point, there’s nothing we can do anymore. The Commissioner is preparing your case file as we speak.”

That was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

I tried to say something, but I couldn’t. There was no way to reach any of my people

I watched as she sadly walked away

I wanted to call her back, but I lost my voice

At that point, I recalled what that middle aged man told me at the hospital after ordering my arrest: “If I were you, I would keep quiet and save my strength for what is to come”

Indeed, I needed the strength, and plenty of it.

I had been hearing of innocent men going to prison for the crime they did not commit

I started thinking of how my lawyer will have to travel to Abuja and perfect my bail conditions

“If I survive this, I will never render any form of assistance to anyone again”, I said

Then I saw a male officer passing by

I called his attention and he came closer

“Abeg Oga wetin time talk?”, I asked

“E don knack 5”, he replied

I did not even bother to thank him

That was 5am

In less than 2 hours I will be transferred to the Force Headquarters

What a world!

Few minutes later, I sensed something

Bella came running

She hinted me that I was to be moved before 6am

“Please call my lawyer again”

She dialed the number, but the phone was still off

“Please dial the other number. The lady’s number”

She dialed and it was still off.

She looked at me and told me she was sorry

“Don’t be”, I said

“What is that your address again?”, she asked

“242A Oron Road, Uyo. Inform her for me. Tell her to call the lawyer. He will know what to do.”

She assured me as she returned to her duty post

I did not sleep throughout the night

I made up my mind to be moved to Abuja

I waited for them

It clocked 6am, they did not show up

30 minutes gone, no one came

Finally, Bella came smiling

Why was she smiling?

“The real criminals have been apprehended”, she said as she opened the cell

“The Commissioner is waiting for you in his office”

“That means I can now go home?”

“I think so”, she replied

I did not say anything again as we walked back to the counter

I got my clothes and put them on

I collected my ATM and we proceeded to the Commissioner’s office on the 3rd floor immediately

I met the middle aged man I met earlier at the hospital as he was entering the Commissioner’s office

At the other side of the room was a pot-bellied man with tribal marks all over his face

He was sitting majestically and well relaxed

They exchanged their routine salutations while I just stood there with a face as heavy like Olumo Rock

“Young man what is your name?”, the Commissioner asked

“Ezekiel. Ezekiel Umoren” I responded emotionally

You know the kind of humiliating pains you go through for the wrong you did not commit

I was pained

“Mr. Ezekiel, we are very sorry for all you went through since last night. The real culprits have been arrested. My driver will take you home immediately. Please accept this token from us for the inconveniences.”

He pulled a bundle of five hundred naira notes from his drawer

At that point, the man in me left

I tried to control my emotions, but I couldn’t

I let it out

I cried

I sank on the chair close to his table and covered my face on the table

I cried like newly married woman whom the cold hands of death has snatched her husband away from her

I lifted up my face and discovered he was still thrusting out his hand with the money in it

I stood up and asked:

“Can I go now?”

“Of course you can go. But take this for your transport, even though my driver will drop you”

“I don’t need your money and I can find my way home. Thank you”

Deep down me, I was considering suing them and claiming damages

But that would be later

To be continued…

© Ezekiel Umoren

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