My Pregnant wife episode 4


© Ezekiel

“You are not serious. So you mean I’ll be in detention for the next six months?”

“You can’t be serious. This is not happening”

“I think you should call someone. Just inform someone you’re here” she said as she handed me her phone

“You go buy me airtime ooo” she jokingly added

I collected the phone and contemplated on who to call

My wife’s line was a new line

So I didn’t have it offhand

I remembered I left my phone on top of the freezer in the kitchen

I dialed it

But my wife does not pick my calls, especially strange numbers

I dialed the second time

There was no response

Could she be sleeping?

The time was 11:17pm

I resolved not to disturb her at all

The next person that entered my mind was my lawyer

I can call out his number even in the dream

I dialed his number

“The number you have dialed is switched off” that was the response I got

My only hope was dashed

But I had yet another person to try


Inem was the young lady I mentioned in episode one

The lady I thought it was because of her chat with me that made my wife addressed me by my name

Inem was a beautiful young girl in our neighborhood

She was about 23


I met her 3 years after our wedding

We became friends

We used to talk on virtually all topics

We were careful not to cross boundaries

I loved her no doubt

But I pretended, because I knew adultery was, and still is a sin

She loved me too, or so I guessed, but she was faithful to her man

Don’t ask me how I knew she loved me

My wife did ask me once about my relationship with her

I told her we were just friends

You know women, they don’t give up easily

If a woman wants to investigate you, even the combine efforts of The EFCC and The Police cannot be compared

That was why I suspected that she must have stumbled on my chats with Inem, and that addressing me by my name was the first bullet she fired to register her displeasure

I must have crossed the red line since, but I didn’t know

Now you can imagine how my wife will feel seeing Inem in our house by that time

How do I explain to her that I had Inem’s number offhand but I didn’t have her’s?

Calling Inem was not the best option, but it was the only option

So I dialed her number

She picked

“Someone’s husband” was the first thing she said

“Inem! Good evening”

“This one you’re calling me by this time, I hope all is well!”

“All is not well my dear”

“Where are you?” she asked

“Just listen to me”

“Ok, I’m listening”

“Stroll to my house and check on my wife for me”

“What do you mean? Where are you?” she asked in surprise

“I am at the police station. I don’t have time for explanation now. Just go to the house please. Tell my wife I was arrested on my way to the gas station. No ooo, tell her I was arrested at the hospital. No, just tell her I was arrested.”

“Are you ok? she asked

“I am fine, just do as I said. In fact, call this line when you get to my house”

“Ok, but my battery is just 1%”

I dropped the call

“Oya my recharge card” said the officer with a smile

Her demand did not matter to me, so was her smile

I waited for Inem to call back

15 minutes gone, no call

20 minutes gone, nothing

As I was about to beg the female officer again for her phone, a call came in and she stood up as she answered.

“Hello. Yes sir”

“Yes sir”

“Ok sir”

The call was just a few seconds

After dropping the call, she turned to me and said:

“I’m sorry Mr Ezekiel, I am ordered to lock you in the cell. Please take off your shirt and your trouser”

I rose to remove my shirt, but my legs could no longer carry me

It was like I have added a thousand pounds weight

My legs became heavy

I pulled off my shirt and my trouser as tears cascaded down my cheeks

She led the way while I followed

Three other officers escorted me to the cell.

To be continued…

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