My Only Hope



You ain’t saying anything Amaka,what’s the matter? Uche asked her bewildered friend
Nothing much Amaka, I’m going to be fine.. Amaka replied as tears dropped down her cheeks

Nothing much and you’re already crying, is there something you aren’t telling me Amaka?

I’m fine uche, let’s go inside.. Amaka said standing to her feet

Uche kept on looking at her like when someone has seen a ghost

Uche get up let’s go inside, I’m famished..she lied

I know you’re lying madam,something is obviously wrong somewhere, you don’t want to talk right? No problem I’m leaving, when you’re ready to talk let me know.. Uche sighed and left

Amaka sat down where she has been sitting and broke down in tears again
I’m really a disgrace to my parents, what do I tell my parents,I’m yet to write my senior waec and here I am pregnant, how do I explain this to my parents? Where and how do I start from? What have I gotten myself into? What have I done to myself? Where do I start from? She asked herself crying uncontrollably

She saw her mum coming from afar,she cleaned her tears and ran inside her room

Amaka, Amaka… Her mum called
Yes mum..she answered rushing out to meet her

You saw me and ran in right?
What’s chasing you,do I look like a masquerade? Her mum snapped

No ma,just that I didn’t know you were the one coming.. She replied

Tell me something I need to know, am I too small for you to recognise or do I even look like a masquerade eh Amaka.. She shouted giving her a knock on her head

I’m sorry ma,she cried

Sorry for yourself, like mother like daughter.. Her mum said going inside her room

Amaka sat on the sofa shaking her head
She thought about what her mum had just said “Like mother like daughter” is she not my mother? Why is she even treating me like an outcast? She wondered biting her lips

Amaka thought of telling her dad about the pregnancy but waved it off immediately, she doesn’t want to tell her mum


© Mirabel

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