My only hope episode 8



People shook their head when they Amaka going into the labour room
She cried her eyes out, whenever she felt like giving up the last word she said to her father “Dad I will leave but I promise to make you proud” echoed in her ear

The old woman on the other side panicked and cheered her up until she gave birth to a baby boy
She looked at him and smiled, welcome to this wicked world..she said crying

I know you have always been a strong girl,congratulations my daughter, I’m indeed proud of you..the woman said pecking her

Nnedi and her daughter kept on struggling to find a good hospital where she put to bed,she turned and saw some guys standing in front of her

We have come to collect our balance, since last year..the first guy said

What balance, I don’t have any money for now, please go away.. She replied eyeing them

The second guy slapt her and raised her hand to slap back when a bottle landed on her head

Do you want to kill my mother for me? Muna asked crying

We will come back for her,they said and left

Nnedi’s face was covered with blood, muna stared at her and went away

Aaah who did this to you? Mrs Ngozi asked
Those guys,I asked them to go because I don’t have their balance yet,they broke a bottle on my head

What’s even wrong with you eh,give them their balance na..Mrs Ngozi said taking her in

Muna was about crossing the road when a car from nowhere hit her, she fell and died instantly, some guys had to take her corps home

Mr Emmanuel cared less about the death of muna,all he wanted to see was his daughter Amaka, he cried silently praying in his heart
He had no other alternative than to bury muna,she died with her pregnancy

Only you knows what happened to my daughter.. Nnedi accused her husband

What do I got to do with a useless girl,tell me Nnedi, do you want me to strangle you? He roared

She adjusted, hissed and continued crying, God will judge you Emma.. She said moving away


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