My only hope episode 5



Amaka woke up feeling hungry and headache
She searched her bag to see if miracle will happen
She saw twenty eight thousand naira and was shocked

How come? She questioned herself, who did this to me? I now remember.. This is my senior waec fee..she said smiling to herself
She hid the money immediately she heard footsteps, she sprang up immediately and dragged her bag along with her

God I have no destination, I don’t know where I’m going to, I just wished my grandma was still alive.. She sniffed
She got to an old hut with was abandoned few years back

Hellooo is anyone in? She asked peeping inside
No one replied, she dropped her bag and went in praying in her heart
When she realised nobody lived in there she started clearing the place, she cleaned the hut and carried her bag in,she picked up a bucket and went to fetch water

Hey,I saw you clearing that hut hours ago,who are you? An old woman asked

My name is Chiamaka but shortly called Amaka, I came all the way from izuogu,the neighboring town close to ahiara..she answered trying to lift her bucket

And you chose to stay in that hut,do you think it’s safe in there? The woman asked

I don’t know ma,I don’t have anywhere else to go so I decided to stay here..she said

What about your parents and relatives Chiamaka, I don’t think you should stay there…the woman told her bending to pick up her stick

My parents sent me out of the house because I got pregnant, ma I was actually rapped, the rapist got me pregnant I tried my possible best to explain everything to my parents but they paid deaf ears..Amaka said as tears gathered up in her eyes

The woman shook her head and went away “Some parents can be heartless” the old woman said to herself

Amaka left with her bucket on her head,she wished to see her mum one day and explain things better to her,she was thinking straight again, she hit her toe on a stone and fell down
She struggled to get up but couldn’t


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