My only hope episode 4



Amaka thought of begging Mrs Ngozi to let in that night but waved it off
She cried, begging God to protect her,she dragged her bag back to the house and slept on the corridor

Nnedi woke her up with a bucket of water
You’re still here mumu? She shouted
No ma,mum please beg daddy to forgive me, this wasn’t my fault, I was rapped mum,believe me.. She cried

You were rapped and you want me to believe you eh,leave here Amaka, if I come out and see you here again I’ll send you to your early grave.. Nnedi said going inside

Her dad came out staring at her with disappointment written all over his face
Amaka do you like this place we are living? He thundered
No dad..she replied pinching herself
Amaka you’re the most brilliant amongst your siblings and other children in this compound, Amaka you’re just 17,you’re just a little girl,I believed you will wipe our tears and take us out of this poverty bit you chose to sink us,you chose yo rub mud on my face, Amaka I am bittered,you’re a disgrace, you’re heartless for doing this to me, did I do wrong by sending you to school? Did I do wrong by bringing you into this world? Go out there and suffer, you will never have rest for making me regret why I called you my daughter, why I hoped on you,go out there and live the reckless life you have ever wanted,leave my house.. Mr Emmanuel shouted as tears dropped down his face

Dad I’ll leave, but I promise to make you proud, I’m still your only hope.. Amaka said and left

See only hope, you have failed us,like mother like daughter.. Nnedi said holding her husband

And you,your children are like you,dumb head,they don’t know anything, you’re like them and they are like you,it is finished
We are finished.. Mr Emmanuel winced at her and left

Emma don’t dare insult my children and i ,we ain’t the one who disgraced you biko..she said going in

Amaka sat under a long vehicle crying, pouring out her heart,she cried until she slept off


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