My only hope episode 10



Amaka, you will be going with your son..the old woman said helping her pack her clothes
Are you serious mother? She asked widening her eyes

Yes my daughter, I changed my mind.. She replied

Amaka got her things ready,the next morning she left for the airport, the woman went to see her off

When the flight lands,call my son,hope you still have the number, call him,he will come to pick you at the airport, tell him I sent you to him,he should further your education, if you chose to stay there till the rest of your life,but remember the promise you made to your father.. The old woman said and disappeared

Amaka screamed as everyone stared at her, she has been staying with a ghost all this while, she cried as she entered the flight

Amaka came back to Nigeria after she had graduated, she was about to wed when she thought of visiting her father
She smiled boldly to herself, verified doctor, that’s my father’s prayers always..she discussed everything with her husband to be and he gave her permission to go see his father and drop her son for the rapist(She’s about getting married to the old woman’s son)
She traveled back to the village and got the greatest shock of her life
Her father has been laid to rest,she cried her eyes out

Dad why didn’t you wait, it’s just six years,why can’t you just wait daddy
Is it fair,now I’m here,now I’ve come to show you my certificate father, you are nowhere to be found, I have come to remind you that I’m still your only hope but you’re nowhere to be found, death why are you wicked.. She lamented

Her step mum pleaded with her and asked for forgiveness, Amaka a girl with a pure heart forgave her immediately

She gave her dad a befitting burial and went back to meet her husband to be,leaving her son for her step mum to take care of,she traveled back with her step brother Chibueze

The End 😖😖😖

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