My Neighbor’s Wife episode 6




Written by Onomi aka Princess Joanna✍️

I tried to calm them down , after so much quarrelling and I told them to follow me to my place so we could sort things out and also here their own side of the story.
They agree to follow me why Amaka was still dragging her feet’s .

Ken side of the story

I met her first, she was was working at the Airport. I was about to travel one Saturday and she was there talking to someone, I couldn’t help but stare at her and she notice and came towards me to ask if there was any problem. There is no problem and was just admiring you I said to her. She smiled and we talked for sometime and later exchange numbers .

And promised to see each other later. I lost her contact and after three months when I came back from London she was already dating my friend .I was so angry but I didn’t say word, until she started making advances at me and since I once liked her I succumbed.

I knew it was wrong and refused at first but when you traveled it made it easier for me to be with her and now I have fallen in love with her.

What about your wife? ? Alfred asked.

She left me with the kids a year ago for another man. Ken said.

You two deserve each other. ..Alfred said in anger.

I love my wife, I have invested so much in her, I sponsored her education through out her university days. I was the one she would cry to when no one was there to help her, after a long time of waiting I married her, I never stole her from you, she as already mine before you came.

Turning towards Amaka,, why would you do this to me? ???
Have I ever wronged you? ??

Yes you have, you ruined my life so I vowed to punish as many men as possible.

Me!!! Alfred pointing to himself. .
How ??
What could that possibly be for you to be this wicked to me.
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Turning towards Alfred, You infected me with a deadly disease. are so evil, I hate you Amaka screamed.

That not true, I have never slept with any other woman ever since i married you, you were my one and only. …

Its a lie. …..she said

What deadly disease are you talking about? ?? Alfred asked.

Its HIV !!!
She said and I guess all of you here must have had it, for sleeping with me. ..its your punishment.

God forbid I quickly said. ..

So you had a serious relationship then and you lied to me? ?

Bayo you were my only true love, its so unfortunate we couldn’t be together. …

Me your love pointed at himself , when you were busy sleeping with other men. ..

I was only sharing the Virus, Alfred infected me with….

I don’t have HIV, I didn’t infect you with anything, I was tested last week before traveling .
That means you never got it from me.

I never knew you had the habit of sleeping around with men, now you don’t even know who infected you.

You were never like this when I met you, you were such a good and innocent girl and I gave you my everything ,look at how you ended.

Kenneth carry your babe, you love her right you two can continue, you will hear from my lawyer am out of here. Alfred said.
I could see the pain in his eyes but he couldn’t do anything about it, he just left.

Hmmm Thank God I was always using condoms, its even a long time ago, if we were infected, we would have know by now. Tunde said.

But we still need to get ourselves tested I said.

Suddenly I was so cold, non of us couldn’t alter a word, we couldn’t do anything to Amaka she was already a walking corpse.

why did you do this to me, Ken said almost in tears. ..

You should’ve listened to your wife. She said

My wife warned me about you but I never listen, if not that she left me I would have infected her with it…
Why me. …???
Ken said in tears. ..

I won’t die alone, we will go down together. ..she said.

Both of them left my apartment. ..

The next day, i and Tunde quickly rushed to the hospital to get ourselves tested.
Thank God we tested Negative.

But Samson was not so lucky, he had the virus after checking three months later.

Ken tested too and he wasn’t lucky too because tested positive to the virus.

Amaka relocated, we just noticed she had left after Alfred divorced her.

We all learnt our lessons.

The End 👏👏👏

Have you learnt anything from this story? ?
If yes let’s hear it.

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