My Neighbor’s Wife episode 5



Written by Onomi aka Princess Joanna✍️

We waited for Samson that night but he didn’t show up, we were so worried after calling him for a long period of time but he didmt take his calls or called us back.
I was worried about him but Tunde wasn’t, he said maybe he has gone home or he was charging his phone somewhere else.

The next day was Sunday, I and Tunde quickly took our bathe and had prepared to go to church. As we were coming out from my apartment, we saw Samson coming out of Amaka apartment, he was so shocked seeing us. He didn’t expect we will be up so early.

We both screamed!
Arrrah Amaka has no shame…Tunde said.

What must be her reason for doing this???
Guy she no get reason, Tunde said
Samson trying to enter my apartment. ..
Tunde didn’t allowed him to enter, he just Gave him his bag and he went back to Amaka house.

After that day i discovered Amaka was avoiding me, since she knew we saw Samson at her house.

I didn’t bother her or even ask after her until one Evening, I saw a strange man knocking at my door, I began to wonder who he was so I opened the door for him.

Good evening sir.
Good evening he responded.
Please can I stay at your place tonight, my wife is not at home , I was told she traveled and will be coming Tomorrow.

He pointed the room downstairs.
Tunde was still staying at my place. We let him in.

Since we were still new in the compound and didn’t know who was staying in that flat but we let him in, gave him him some soap to take his bath.

He was so tried to gist with us, as soon as we showed him his room which was next to ours, he just fell asleep immediately.

The next day at early hours of the morning ,he woke up and called the wife but her phone was switched off after calling her for so long ,he went outside to check if she had come and came back in.

I asked him if he has seen his wife, he said no, that her number was not going through either.

He took his bag and told me he was going back to his hotel and he doesn’t want to inconvenient me any further.
I wanted him to stay till she return but he refused. Thanking me for everything and saying he will come back.

Wetin dey do that guy? ?
He seems angry. .
Tunde asked after he left.

Nothing him Just to vase for him wife, as she no come dey pick him call again.

E be like say na Yankee the guy from they come oh, see as him clean and fresh, Tunde said.

Abi, I been reason am too oh…
But I know know the Lady in question, you know say we just pack come..

No wahala, we still dey we go surely get to know her when she return..Tunde said.

I and Tunde went to work .
Work was so hectic that day but we did our best.

We drove straight home as soon as we closed from work.
As we entered the compound, we saw the guy who passed the night at our house and Amaka Husband friend , fighting and cursing each other and there were no tenant at home.

I and Tunde tried to separate them. ..
Sir what is the problem. .
Alfred you’re a fool…Amaka husband’s friend said.

Ken you’re so ungrateful, after all we had been through he replied Amaka’s husband’s friend.

What have you done for me that nobody has done before, Yes you helped me I agree but you took the woman I once loved, you steal her for yourself because you had money abi…its payback time. Ken said

My God will punish you for doing this to me.
If only I had known you had an eye for her, I would have left her for you, not now when I had invested so much in her ..Alfred said in anger.

I began to wonder what they were quarrelling about, is it because of a woman and even if it is, it has gone too far.

They were almost stabbing each other if we had not intervened …

Guys please its enough, lets settle this. ..Tunde said.

We can’t settle, never ever . Ken said in anger

Why? ?
Is he your friend ???
I asked.

Yes he was my friend. ..
Ken said.

I like the way you said it. ..he was my friend…
He broke that friendship when he slept with my Wife !! Alfred screamed.

I began to think,
Wife? ?? I and Tunde said simutenously

They both pointed at Amaka. …
She was hiding her face downstairs…

Wow its like history is repeating itself. ..
Amaka Again !!!

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