My Husband’s Secret

My Husband’s Secret
Episode 1

I have been noticing some strange things that have been happening in my husband house ever since I got married to him.

My marriage is just six months and I haven’t gotten any peace of mind every night when I sleep I always have a nightmare, sometimes I would find myself in a forest tied to a tree screaming for help or I will be running from a masquerade with a long rod in his hand.

Countless of time I would inform my husband but he would say I shouldn’t worry that it is due to what I was thinking before I slept off but I know it wasn’t.

Few weeks after, I got pregnant I was so happy when I got the doctor’s report I was on top of the world I can’t wait to tell my husband when he returns.

I got home and already found my husband seating on the couch I was surprised because he said he won’t be returning until 9pm

“Honey you are back!” I said

“Yes the meeting got cancelled so I came back to spend some time with you” he said as he hugged me

“Well thank you but guess what!!” I said with so much joy he looked at me racking his brain but couldn’t guess

“Honey am pregnant!!” I said jumping up, immediately his mood change

“Are you serious?” he asked

“Yes babe look!! ” I hand over the report to him while he quickly glance through it

“Am so happy right now babe” I said

“I don’t even know what to say” he said with a smile

“Are you joking right now what I want you to do is gently carry me to the couch and go into the kitchen and prepare a romantic dinner for my unborn baby” I teased he did not even waste anytime he did according to what I said.

After the dinner, my husband gently carried me to the bed he was caressing my Tommy and saying some funny words to my unborn baby. We got to the room I was not feeling sleepy but he urge to sleep so as to give my baby enough rest, I agreed also and slept, but not long after I dose off I had a nightmare

My Husband’s Secret
Episode 2

I found myself in a forest lying on the ground I look around I saw nothing but blood stains everywhere I tried screaming for help but my strength keep draining every time I wanted to scream.

I am weak what is going on? I try standing up but my legs are weak also I can’t move what’s happening to me I was still trying to fathom what’s going on when suddenly the masquerade appeared to me.

I was really sacred I manage to shout for help but no one is there to help me. The masquerade was laughing hysterically and it voice keep suffocating me I can’t breath very well but one thing I notice is that it voice sounds familiar but from where? Immediately I woke up screaming my husband came out from the restroom with speed

“What happened honey why did you scream” he said

“I just have a nightmare!!” I said panting heavily but immediately my husband place his hands on me I felt a pain in my stomach

“Aaaah!!” I screamed

“What happened honey? “he asked I couldn’t say a thing again because the pain am feeling in my stomach is so much I kept hitting my tommy to indicate what’s happening and before I knew it I saw blood stain I looked at my husband who quickly carried me from the bed into the car and drove to the hospital.

We got to the hospital in a jiffy and the nurse attend to me I was given some treatment before the pain subside, my husband was sitting next to me different thoughts were running through my mind but I keep hoping it shouldn’t be what am thinking.

The doctor came in with his stethoscope round his neck he greeted my husband

“Thank you Doctor” my husband replied

“Am Mrs success how are you doing now” he said examining my eye I nodded in reply

“Mr Success please see me in my office” he said

“Doctor please what happened anything you want to say please say it here ” my husband said and I agreed with him the doctor look at and shake his head

“Sorry ma but you have a miscarriage ”

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